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Italy August 2016: Tipo nameplate back on podium after 25 years

Fiat Tipo Italy August 2016. Picture courtesy auto.czThe Fiat Tipo is the #3 best-selling vehicle in Italy in August. Picture

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After marking a slight pause in July (+3%), the Italian new car market returns to double-digit year-on-year gains in August with a splendid 20% increase to 71.576 units, lifting the year-to-date tally up 17% to 1.251.806 according to the Ministry of Transport. Private sales are strong at +18.5% to 67.4% share and +17.7% and 62% share year-to-date, sales to rental car companies are stronger at +24% to 13.1% share with short-term rentals up a mammoth 59%. Year-to-date, rentals are up 14.2% to 21.5% share. Company sales are up 23.5% to 19.5% share compared to +22 and 16.5% share so far this year. Strong gains across all channels with no channel crippling the rest of the market, which is the mark of a healthy market.

Jeep Renegade Italy August 2016The Jeep Renegade hits a record-breaking 8th place in Italy this month.

In the brands ranking, homegrown king Fiat manages once again to outpace its home market with a 27% improvement to 14.692 sales and 20.5% share, with its direct followers all losing share year-on-year: Volkswagen (+5%), Ford (+6%) and Opel (+8%). Inside the Top 10, Renault (+23%), Citroen (+27%) are also strong while Dacia stuns with a 87% surge to #9, the brand’s second ever stint among Italy’s Top 10 brands after July 2014 (#7). Further down, let’s single out Skoda (+42%), Mercedes (+57%), Honda (+131%), Land Rover (+138%), Maserati (+273%), Jaguar (+319%), Lexus (+321%), Ferrari (+417%), Great Wall (+671%) and Infiniti (+950%) all posting spectacular gains, the majority of them thanks to a new SUV offering.

Fiat Tipo Italy 1988 Fiat Tipo Italy 1988 backThe last time the Fiat Tipo ranked on the Italian podium, it looked like this. 

Below the Fiat Panda very strong at +22% and the Lancia Ypsilon sliding down 1%, the main event in the Italian models charts in August is the very first podium ranking of the all-new Fiat Tipo thanks to 2.170 sales and 3% share. It is the first time since 1991 that the Tipo nameplate appears on the Italian monthly podium. Originally launched in January 1988, the first generation Tipo was an instant blockbuster with 22.150 units sold in March 1988 alone, 217.410 over the Full Year 1988 (holding a 13.8% market share in December) and 262.520 in 1989. It was also a “one-hit wonder”, quickly losing steam and replaced in 1995 by the Bravo/Brava duo. August 2016 sees the arrival of the Tipo Station Wagon variant with 172 sales, placing it at #9 in the segment’s ranking in-between the Clio (174) and the BMW 3 Series (168). Note the hatch and sedan variants alone (1.998 sales) would have still landed the Tipo on the podium.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Carabinieri Italy August 2016. Picture courtesy slashgear.comFirst Top 50 for the new Alfa Giulia, with a little help from the Carabinieri… Photo slashgear

The 500L (#4), Punto (#6), 500X (#7) and 500 (#9) make it six Fiats inside the Italian Top 10 in August but the other star of the ranking is the Jeep Renegade: thanks to deliveries soaring 77% year-on-year, the mini-SUV hits a record-breaking 8th place overall, the model’s second ever incursion in the Top 10 after December 2014 (#10). The Dacia Sandero (+124%), Renault Captur (+78%), Dacia Duster (+81%), VW Tiguan (+218%), Peugeot 208 (+61%), Ford Ecosport (+148%), Audi A4 (+124%) and Kia Rio (+67%) also shine in the Top 30. The BMW X1 goes from a mere 6 sales in August 2015 to 634 this month, earning a brilliant 32nd spot and BMW’s best-seller in Italy. Finally, the Alfa Romeo Giulia breaks into the Top 50 for the first time at #46.

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