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Europe May 2016: Discover the Top 350 models and All-brands

Seat Ateca Europe May 2016The Seat Ateca is one of 3 nameplates making their first appearance in the Europe charts in May. 

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As is the tradition on BSCB, after preliminary figures for May we can now share with you complete detail for European sales data. The European market is up a splendid 15% in May to 1.315.861 units, leading to a year-to-date total up 9.4% to 6.539.177. The Top 10 brands across the continent are confirmed in the same order with final figures, led by Volkswagen (+4%), Renault (+34%), Ford (+5%) and Opel (+12%). Below, Citroen (+18%), Toyota (+20%), Kia (+23%), Dacia (+20%), Mazda (+31%) and Suzuki (+20%) all outpace the market inside the Top 20 while among smaller brands, Jeep (+31%), Lancia (+32%), Honda (+33%), Ssangyong (+59%), Lexus (+80%), Jaguar (+121%) and Infiniti (+150%) all post spectacular gains.

Over in the models ranking, final data triggers a few changes in the Top 20 compared to our first publication but none in the Top 10: the VW Passat oversteps the Ford Focus to rank #12, the Audi A3 passes the Fiat Panda to land at #14 and the Audi A4 (+51%) edges past the Skoda Fabia to claim a second consecutive month among Europe’s 20 most popular nameplates. The star SUVs of the past months continue to deliver very robust figures: the Hyundai Tucson ranks 25th with 12.723 sales and the Renault Kadjar is up 3 spots on April to #32 at 11.216 units. Notice also the Kia Sportage (+43%), Ford Kuga (+45%), Fiat 500X (+80%) and BMW X1 (+166%) all posting strong result. There are performers outside the SUV segment too: the VW Touran (+52%), Mercedes E Class (+28%), BMW 2 Series Tourer (+75%) and Skoda Superb (+141%) also impress.

Among recent launches, the Renault Talisman is up 23 spots on last month to #135, the Jaguar XE up 9 to #157 with 1.889 sales, the Suzuki Baleno up 50 to #159, the Jaguar F-Pace up 4 to #175 but the Infiniti Q30 is down 16 to #199, still accounting for 73% of the brand’s sales in Europe. Finally, we welcome three new nameplates in the European charts this month: the Alfa Romeo Giulia at #242, the Seat Ateca at #2456 and the Ssangyong XLV at #258.

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