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UK nations April 2016: Fiesta #1 everywhere, Hyundai Tucson shines

Ford Fiesta UK April 2016The Ford Fiesta is the best-seller in every UK nation in April. 

* See the Top 10 best-selling models in each UK nation by clicking on the title *

Thanks to SMMT we can share with you the Top 10 best-sellers in April for each UK nation. Keep in mind this data is already included in the UK monthly updates, this is a zoom in by nation. England (+3%) and Northern Ireland (+5%) outpace the overall UK market (+2%) whereas Wales (-3%) and Scotland (-5%) actually lose ground. Year-to-date however, all four nations are improving vs. 2015 with England up 5%, Northern Ireland up 3%, Wales up 2% and Scotland up 1%. This month the Ford Fiesta manages to top the sales charts of every single nation including Scotland where it normally lags behind the Vauxhall Corsa, uncharacteristically dropping out of the April Top 10 there.

Hyundai Tucson Northern Ireland April 2016The Hyundai Tucson is #2 in Northern Ireland so far in 2016. 

The English market, accounting for 86.3% of overall UK sales, is traditionally almost identical to UK charts. There are some changes this month though: the Vauxhall Corsa ranks at a higher #5, the Nissan Juke replaces the Kia Sportage inside the Top 10 and the Mercedes A-Class manages to stay within the YTD Top 10 at #10, making it a historical two Mercedes in the Top 10 along with the C-Class at #9. The Hyundai Tucson hits an outstanding 2nd place in Northern Ireland (also its ranking YTD), the Seat Ibiza (#5) and Kia Sportage (#8) also reaching their best ranking there. Scotland sees the Vauxhall Astra hit #3 and the Fiat 500 #5 while Wales has the Dacia Sandero at #4, the Ford Kuga at #5 and the Vauxhall Mokka at #6. Heroes of the past months, the Renault Kadjar holds onto the #9 YTD spot in Northern Ireland, the Vauxhall Viva holds the same spot in Scotland where the Renault Clio replaces the Captur inside the YTD Top 10.

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Full April 2016 Top 10 models for each nation below.

England (UK) April 2016 – models:

1Ford Fiesta6,5754.0%1137,2774.5%-10%111
2VW Golf5,0093.1%2422,1002.7%1%444
3Ford Focus4,7862.9%3322,6522.8%-7%333
4Nissan Qashqai3,9972.5%4520,9272.5%0%555
5Vauxhall Corsa3,5082.2%7222,8962.8%-16%222
6Vauxhall Astra3,4812.1%5715,5101.9%-2%776
7VW Polo3,3862.1%6615,8701.9%0%667
8Mercedes C-Class3,3402.0%8n/a13,2971.6%-16%91010
9Audi A32,7881.7%10914,4161.8%-11%888
10Nissan Juke2,7521.7%n/an/an/an/an/a715n/a
n/aMercedes A-Class2,5901.6%n/an/a12,7321.6%n/a1013n/a

Northern Ireland April 2016 – models:

1Ford Fiesta1663.6%119203.9%-9%111
2Hyundai Tucson1543.3%n/a67363.1%new2n/an/a
3VW Polo1322.8%686792.9%-2%464
4VW Golf1302.8%257113.0%-2%342
5Seat Ibiza1222.6%n/a44301.8%n/a10n/an/a
6Ford Focus1172.5%3105462.3%-24%533
7Vauxhall Corsa1112.4%7n/an/an/an/an/a25
8Kia Sportage1092.3%935042.1%n/a612n/a
9Ford Kuga922.0%n/an/a2821.2%-35%n/an/a8
10Nissan Qashqai912.0%474652.0%-9%756
n/aVauxhall Astra781.7%524571.9%n/a87n/a
n/aRenault Kadjar481.0%n/a94311.8%new9n/an/a

Scotland (UK) April 2016 – models:

1Ford Fiesta5894.0%123,0163.8%-27%212
2Ford Focus4583.1%341,9222.4%-10%533
3Vauxhall Astra4252.9%532,3382.9%30%378
4VW Polo3932.7%651,9422.4%-6%464
5Fiat 5003692.5%n/a81,7532.2%-1%6119
6VW Golf3562.4%291,5962.0%2%846
7Vauxhall Mokka2932.0%n/an/a1,7332.2%0%795
8Audi A32571.8%10n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
9Hyundai Tucson2541.7%n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
10Nissan Qashqai2451.7%4n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
n/aVauxhall Corsa1961.3%713,9415.0%-16%121
n/aRenault Clio1601.1%n/a61,2761.6%-20%10n/a7
n/aVauxhall Viva1130.8%n/a101,3041.6%new9n/an/a

Wales April 2016 – models:

1Ford Fiesta4707.2%112,8038.1%-9%111
2Vauxhall Corsa2123.2%721,1003.2%-24%222
3Ford Focus1882.9%331,0763.1%-10%333
4Dacia Sandero1682.6%n/an/a6241.8%n/a8n/a9
5Ford Kuga1642.5%n/a57942.3%2%5n/a4
6Vauxhall Mokka1522.3%n/a48092.3%30%496
7VW Golf1462.2%296441.9%n/a748
8Vauxhall Astra1442.2%5n/an/an/an/an/a7n/a
9VW Polo1422.2%666972.0%-14%665
10Nissan Qashqai1211.9%486151.8%-12%957
n/aToyota Yaris1081.7%n/a76001.7%7%10n/an/a

Source: SMMT

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