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Beijing Auto Show 2016: BSCB interviewed by Le Parisien / Aujourd’hui-en-France

Le Parisien Beijing Auto Show 2016My interview in French newspaper Le Parisien / Aujourd’hui-en-France

This week I am in Beijing for the much anticipated Beijing Auto Show 2016. As it was the case for Shanghai last year and Beijing two years ago, I will publish a complete coverage of the Show including BSCB’s now traditional ranking of the most impressive Chinese carmakers. I will also pop in an exclusive interview with Renault’s Head of Design Laurens Van den Acker.  But first things first: thanks to Alexandra Legendre from L’Automobile Magazine who kindly recommended me, on the first media day I was interviewed by French newspaper Le Parisien / Aujourd’hui-en-France on the perspectives in China of Renault in particular and French carmakers in general. Three questions taken from this interview – in French – are above.

Unfortunately a few mistakes were made in transcribing my views – the joys of being mis-quoted! So for you French-speaking readers: foreign manufacturers must engage in a joint-venture with Chinese carmakers to produce locally or realistically hope at selling large volumes in China, it’s not a pre-requisite to point-blank sell in China as the article seems to indicate. Secondly, the all-new Koleos isn’t the only new model Renault is launching, there is also the Kadjar, covered in our latest “Focus on the All-new models” section. Finally, the Chinese government does not have a strategy of waiting for their local carmakers to reach 60% of the Chinese market to launch in Europe – this is a mixup with me mentioning Chinese brands have reached 60% of the local SUV market.

Stay tuned for the full Beijing Auto Show 2016 coverage!

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