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Media post: The evolution of car technology

Halfords In Car Tech Infographic 1

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Car technology has come a long way in the past century, with reinvention after reinvention leading to the finely tuned vehicles we drive around in today. It all started in the early twentieth century, when our ancestors presumably got bored of crashing every couple of miles, and began to find ways to make cars a little less deadly. Most of these changes have been huge advances that have made us safer than ever, all while developing cars that are increasingly powerful and less environmentally harmful.

Halfords In Car Tech Infographic 2

Halfords have put together a list of some of the key advances in car tech over the past century, with a few weirder developments thrown in, for good measure. Read on to find out which car manufacturer thought it was a good idea to bolt on a drinks cabinet, and which was the first car to attempt to introduce a talking dashboard.

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Halfords In Car Tech Infographic 15

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