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Media post: How to Buy Cars to Sell at a Dealership

Car dealeship

If you own your own dealership, then finding the correct cars to sell is essential. If you pick the correct cars to buy and sell, you’ll get a high turnover, increasing your profits and hopefully resulting in happy customers. However, if you don’t buy well, you may end up with stagnant stock and falling sales. So, how do you pick what cars to sell at your dealership? In this post, we take a look.

Find What’s Selling Nationally

Generally speaking, if something’s selling well nationally, it will sell well at your dealership, too. The top selling cars in the UK generally seem to sell well at all times and across a number of different destinations. At present, the top selling cars in the UK are:

3) Ford Fiesta

2) Ford Focus

1) Volkswagen Golf

Source: Confused

You’ll also need a high turnover to make your business successful, so keep an eye on what’s selling quickly. The fastest selling cars in Britain are:

3) Ford Focus – average days to sell – 18

2) Ford C-Max – average days to sell – 17

1) Citroen Grand C4 Picasso – average days to sell – 15

Source: CarMagazine

If you pick a popular car that’s selling quickly and is in good condition, you can’t go far wrong.

Find What’s Selling Locally

Although what’s selling well nationally will give you a good indicator of what types of car to buy, you also need to keep an eye on the local market. For example, what’s selling well in Bristol may not be selling well in Aberdeen or Leeds. The local roads and local driving conditions will largely dictate what cars are selling well. For example, small cars and superminis will generally sell well in cities, while 4X4s, SUVs and Crossovers will sell well in the countryside where there might be more of a need to go off-road.

Calculate Depreciation as a Guide

Finally, motorists are becoming more and more conscious about the costs of car ownership; particularly during the financial downturn. As such, many are thinking about the perils of depreciation. To appeal to these motorists, keep a constant stock of cars that depreciate the least. It’s a great selling point, particularly if you and your salespeople keep mentioning it. To conclude, stocking the correct vehicles in your garage can be straightforward. Look at what sells well and quickly, and also keep an eye on depreciation. You can’t go far wrong.

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