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Oman Full Year 2015: Toyota Land Cruiser P/up edges past Hilux

Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-up 2012The Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-up takes the lead of Omani sales in 2015.

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Another year of correction for the Omani new car market: after losing 5% in 2014, new light vehicle sales in the country drop another 7% in 2015 to 194.155 units. Toyota once again secures over half of the market with sales down 8% to 106.419 and 54.8% share, above Nissan (9.5%), Hyundai (9.1%) and Kia (4.9%) all seeing volumes drop by 13%. Lexus remains 5th and even improves by 1% to 8.602 deliveries for a 4.4% share. Notice also Mitsubishi up 24%, Chinese carmaker Geely up 98% to #11, BMW up 13%, GMC up 15%, Renault up 16% and Subaru up 32%.

Geely GC7 Oman 2015. Picture courtesy autocosmos.comChinese carmaker Geely is about to enter Oman’s Top 10 brands. 

In the models ranking, the Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup manages to edge past the traditional leader, the Toyota Hilux, by dropping just 3% to 21.300 units and 11% share vs. -11% to 20.638 and 10.6% for the Hilux, while the Land Cruiser is catching up fast just below with volumes up 12% to 20.339 and 10,5% share. The Prado (-15%), Corolla (-10%) and Hiace (-41%) make the Top Six 100% Toyota like in 2014, with the Nissan Patrol (-8%) the best-selling non-Toyota above the Hyundai Elantra (-10%). The Lexus LX holds onto its Top 10 ranking at #9 despite sales down 12%, the Toyota RAV4 is up 18% to #15, the Mitsubishi Pajero is up 32% to #27, the Lancer EX up 105% to #30 and the Toyota FJ Cruiser enjoys a second wind at +85% to #36.

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