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Canada January 2016: Market up 10% to best January since 2002

GMC Sierra Canada January 2016. Picture courtesy motortrend.comThe GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado both fit inside the Canadian Top 5 this month. 

* See the Top 15 groups, Top 35 brands and Top 255 All-models by clicking on the title *

The Canadian new light vehicle is up 10% year-on-year to 108.660 registrations, the highest January score since 2002. Pickup trucks lift the market once again with sales up 23% whereas passenger cars are down 4%. Market leader for the first time in 2015, FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles hold onto the pole position in January thanks to 18.156 sales and 16.7% share (+1%), distancing Ford Motor at 16.637 (+14%) and General Motors at 14.395 (+24%). Brand-wise, Ford leads the way with deliveries up 13% to 16.154 above Toyota at 10.515 (+4%), Honda up 37%, Chevrolet up 24%, Nissan up 18% and Ram up 11%. Notice also Jeep up 34%, GMC up 28%, Mercedes up 18%, Mitsubishi up 16%, Cadillac up 45%, Lincoln up 41% and Scion up 49% in what would be the start of the brand’s swan song year.

Nissan Murano Ford Edge Canada January 2016. Picture courtesy motortrend.comNissan Murano sales are up 73%.

The Ford F-Series remains the country’s most popular vehicle with 8.838 sales (+16%), ahead of the Ram Pick-up at 6.887 (+16%) while the Honda Civic takes advantage of the new generation to jump 62% to 3.708 units in third position. The GMC Sierra (+27%) and its twin the Chevrolet Silverado (+29%) both impress and fit inside the Top 5. Notice also the Jeep Cherokee breaking its ranking record at #8 thanks to deliveries up 73% on a year ago, the Hyundai Tucson up 112% to #19 thanks to the new model, the Jeep Grand Cherokee up 48% to #20, Ford Edge up 52% to #21, Nissan Murano up 73% to #25 and Toyota Tacoma ip 92% to #27. Among recent launches, the Honda HR-V ranks 39th, the Mazda CX-3 50th and the Jeep Renegade 100th.

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Full January 2016 Top 15 groups, Top 35 brands and Top 255 All-models below.

Canada January 2016 – groups:

1Fiat Chrysler Automobiles18,15616.7%1%11
2Ford Motor Co.16,63715.3%14%22
3General Motors14,39513.2%24%33
4Toyota Motor Co.12,04511.1%5%44
6Honda Motor Co.10,0269.2%33%66
7Nissan Motor Co.8,4047.7%18%77
8Volkswagen Group5,1664.8%-10%88
10Daimler AG2,9232.7%17%1111
14Jaguar-Land Rover6630.6%30%1414
15Volvo Cars NA2990.3%10%1515

Canada January 2016 – brands:

25Land Rover5920.5%32%2526
35Alfa Romeo60.0%0%3537

Canada January 2016 – models:

1Ford F-Series8,83813%11
2Ram Pick-up6,88716%22
3Honda Civic3,70862%43
4GMC Sierra3,35227%54
5Chevrolet Silverado2,78429%69
6Dodge Grand Caravan2,678-28%38
7Toyota RAV42,483-1%810
8Jeep Cherokee2,42873%916
9Ford Escape2,372-4%75
10Toyota Corolla2,174-10%137
11Hyundai Elantra2,093-32%166
12Nissan Rogue2,08911%1012
13Honda CR-V2,0399%1111
14Hyundai Santa Fe1,83615%1214
15Chevrolet Cruze1,4566%1815
17Mazda CX-51,26720%1719
18VW Jetta1,171-30%2117
19Hyundai Tucson1,142112%3927
20Jeep Grand Cherokee1,14048%3039
21Ford Edge1,13952%6426
22Dodge Journey1,119-7%1418
23VW Golf1,094-9%1922
24Jeep Wrangler1,075-9%2321
25Nissan Murano98973%3448
26Toyota Sienna98225%3133
27Toyota Tacoma93992%2938
28Chevrolet Equinox90813%2023
29Hyundai Accent88032%4824
30Kia Sorento878-17%3332
31Honda Accord83739%2631
32Ford Focus8257%2720
33Toyota Highlander80628%4347
34Toyota Camry800-23%5125
35Subaru Forester79813%2436
36Toyota Tundra78245%3746
37Nissan Pathfinder75228%3851
38VW Tiguan73810%2840
39Honda HR-V725new4259
40Nissan Sentra721-8%3230
41Subaru Impreza70317%4941
42Kia Soul66277%4035
43Nissan Altima66149%3667
44Nissan Micra645-5%4437
45Ford Explorer63428%2229
46Chevrolet Malibu61665%8855
47GMC Terrain61333%4145
48Mercedes M Class60579%7180
49Honda Odyssey577-4%5743
50Ford Fusion570-9%2528
51Honda Fit559-32%7257
52Subaru XV Crosstrek5319%5861
53Mazda CX-3527new5070
54Lexus RX52422%4768
55Chrysler Town & Country515-13%5258
56BMW 3-Series507-1%7053
57Honda Pilot50675%4662
58Hyundai Sonata4986%6634
59Kia Rio493-4%8452
60Subaru Outback480-22%4549
61Mitsubishi Lancer46952%7479
62Toyota 4Runner46560%6885
63Ford Transit45342%5660
64Kia Forte450-3%8742
65Audi Q54196%5363
66Kia Sportage41944%8372
67Nissan Versa416-27%7656
68Kia Optima3991%7375
69Toyota Yaris3980%7964
70Mercedes C Class394-30%5550
71Chevrolet Trax37741%5965
72BMW 4-Series37268%10293
73Acura MDX3648%6282
74Mitsubishi RVR35412%9183
75Nissan Juke34162%111100
76Mitsubishi Outlander34034%8078
77Chrysler 200335-50%5444
78Audi Q7334275%227165
79Acura RDX333-8%6966
80Mercedes GLA31535%119107
81Toyota Venza312-2%9376
82Chevrolet Colorado30928%8591
83Mercedes GL Class308117%108141
84Lexus NX306-19%8977
85Dodge Durango30069%131108
86GMC Acadia2990%6173
87BMW X529213%8289
88Ford Fiesta292-6%6786
89GMC Canyon28744%9997
90Jeep Patriot285-36%6354
91Cadillac SRX28433%11595
92GMC Savana28264%3571
93Mercedes GLK274-2%6090
94Infiniti QX6026814%101103
95BMW X3264-11%10098
96Buick Verano26419%8174
97Chevrolet Express26362%65116
98Mercedes CLA-Class26137%130104
99Cadillac ATS259116%86112
100Jeep Renegade259new103150
101VW Passat/CC251-26%9081
102Nissan Titan24858%159120
103Ford E-Series244124%114135
104Acura TLX232-1%9792
105Ford Mustang23259%9569
106Mercedes E/CLS Class23143%116121
107Nissan Frontier23017%123109
108Lincoln MKX22989%78129
109Mini Cooper22523%7787
110Ram ProMaster City220378%137154
111Range Rover Sport2203%106133
112BMW X121025%117127
113Infiniti Q502090%110117
114Audi A3206-6%107105
115Chevrolet Sonic2060%10484
116Dodge Charger205-4%12299
117Mercedes Sprinter203-35%9296
118Audi A4193-30%9488
119Audi Q3188-27%98110
120Kia Sedona187-41%147137
121Buick Encore184-19%10994
122Jeep Compass165-20%96106
123Chevrolet Traverse161-11%125102
124Infiniti QX5016131%133148
125Ford Transit Connect158-22%127130
126Subaru Legacy155-18%124119
127Ford Taurus154103%169118
128Nissan Maxima15481%142162
129Cadillac Escalade1530%151153
130Scion iM150new136191
131Chevrolet Suburban146204%154172
132Lincoln MKC1454%120125
133Lexus ES14118%141147
134GMC Yukon13718%153160
135Land Rover Discovery Sport136new105184
136Mercedes B Class134-8%140142
137Chrysler 30013315%75101
138Lexus IS131-14%129113
139GMC Yukon XL12937%135168
140Chevrolet Tahoe12823%118145
141Acura ILX126110%112138
142Toyota Prius V124-27%134140
143Buick Enclave120-15%132115
144Ram ProMaster119-16%146136
145Mitsubishi Mirage118-49%143114
146Toyota Prius C115-21%176123
147Range Rover11497%158182
148Porsche Macan112100%149152
149Dodge Dart111-76%150122
150Ford Expedition11139%113149
152Chevrolet Impala10615%121128
153Ford Flex105600%170158
154Kia Rondo104-61%171111
155Volvo XC90103n/a167188
156Nissan NV2001003%152173
157Chevrolet Camaro9666%179134
159Chevrolet Volt9432%128170
160Infiniti QX8094213%182203
161BMW 2 Series91184%139163
162Range Rover Evoque87-31%155151
163Mazda CX-986-8%181178
164Dodge Challenger84-31%173131
165Cadillac CTS7873%144192
166Hyundai Genesis78-29%164143
167Porsche Cayenne78-22%138144
168VW Beetle74-3%180146
169Hyundai Veloster73-75%166124
170BMW X672-23%178175
171Nissan Leaf72100%160176
172Nissan Xterra7224%163161
173Volvo XC6072-36%162166
174Mercedes Metris71new212254
175Chevrolet Spark70-13%196169
176Buick Regal6731%198187
177VW Touareg67-61%187155
178BMW X466-13%175177
179Chevrolet City Express6632%157189
180Audi A557-28%177164
181Nissan NV54-10%189202
182Volvo S6054-4%204208
183Fiat 50050-66%156126
184Lincoln MKZ4833%168180
185Toyota Sequoia48-17%185209
186Toyota Prius46-43%165167
187Audi A644-21%174186
188Scion tC44-14%194179
189Mini Countryman43-16%172171
190BMW 5-Series42-62%126156
191Toyota Avalon41-15%210200
192Audi A740135%186199
193Lexus GX40-35%199210
194Mercedes S Class40-31%183181
195Infiniti QX70389%209216
196Buick LaCrosse36-58%203185
197Cadillac XTS3644%148195
198Lincoln Navigator3624%192214
199Scion FR-S36-31%197174
200Land Rover LR435-15%190206
201BMW 7-Series3489%195225
202BMW i3/i83442%202215
203Volvo V6033-44%188183
204Lexus RC3233%223198
205Porsche 9113210%200193
206Jaguar F-Type31158%218219
207Lexus GS303%220223
208Lexus LX3067%205226
209Mercedes G Class30100%206235
210Chevrolet Corvette2833%208159
211Infiniti Q7028155%226240
212BMW 6 Series27-7%211217
213Ford C-Max2735%193204
214Nissan Armada270%201211
215Fiat 500X25new191213
216Smart ForTwo25-17%213205
217Jaguar XJ24243%207227
218Scion xB24-53%221190
219Lexus CT23-55%214196
220Subaru BRZ20-38%224197
221Volvo XC7020-20%216221
222Fiat 500L18-82%184157
223Nissan 370Z186%215207
224Audi TT17467%231236
225Lexus LS17113%244247
226Volvo S8017-15%255
227Jaguar XF16-58%238218
228Mazda MX-5 Miata15150%219212
229Lincoln MKS1344%241244
230VW Eos13-32%234220
231Lincoln MKT1271%232239
232Mercedes SLK12-14%236234
233Mercedes AMG GT11new233245
234Porsche Boxster1110%228224
235Audi A810-9%230237
236Nissan GT-R10233%242246
237Mercedes SL-Class9-10%237232
238Porsche Panamera9-47%222228
239Kia Cadenza8-67%245243
240Porsche Cayman80%217229
241Acura RLX7-42%240241
242Honda Ridgeline7-83%251238
243Infiniti Q607-42%222
244Mitsubishi i-MiEV7133%235249
245Alfa Romeo 4C60%239248
247Honda CR-Z3-25%256
248Dodge (SRT) Viper2-50%249250
249Scion iQ2-83%225233
250Acura ZDX1n/a271
251BMW Z41-75%229251
252Cadillac ELR1-75%262
253Honda Crosstour1-98%231
254Honda Insight1n/a
255Kia K9001-80%246258

Source: GCBC, ANDC, Des Rosiers

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