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Canada July 2020: Lexus (+17.5%), Volvo (+11.8%), Subaru (+10.1%) help thin market loss to -4.9%

Lexus sales surge 17.5% year-on-year in a market down -4.9%.

According to local consultancy Desrosiers Automotive, new light vehicle sales are estimated to drop by just -4.9% year-on-year in July to 165.020, the best hold since last February as the country recovers from the the Covid-19 crisis and minimises new infections. However it remains unclear how much of this recovery is in fact sales that were held off during the March-April lockdown. In any case, this brings the year-to-date tally to 813.507 units, down -29.5% over the same period a year ago. This better-than-expected hols had us amend our 2020 Canada Forecast up from 1.47 million (-24%) to 1.55 million (-20%). Only a handful of brands still share monthly sales data for Canada, and among them Lexus (+17.5%), Volvo (+11.8%), Subaru (+10.1%), Mazda (+6.2%), Kia (+3.7%) and Hyundai (+1.7%) stand out with gains whereas Genesis (-19%), Honda (-11%) and Toyota (-10.3%) underperform and Acura (-1.9%) slightly outpaces the market.

34 of the 83 models with available July sales show a year-on-year improvement, including the Toyota RAV4 (+9%), Hyundai Kona (+39.9%), Mazda CX-5 (+5.4%), Hyundai Tucson (+6.4%) and Kia Forte (+9.1%) among the strongest sellers. Other standouts include the Lexus GX (+152.9%), Subaru BRZ (+65%), Honda Passport (+62.1%), Toyota 86 (+59.4%), Lexus RX (+58.2%), Mazda6 (+57.9%), Hyundai Veloster (+55.7%), Hyundai Ioniq (+47.4%), Lexus UX (+46.2%), Toyota Land Cruiser (+40.9%), Subaru Ascent (+39.4%), Lexus RC (+32.1%), Toyota Avalon (+32%), C-HR (+28.5%), Subaru Forester (+22.5%), Kia Sedona (+21.1%), Hyundai Palisade (+20.6%) and Honda Ridgeline (+20.3%).

Previous month: Canada June 2020: Mazda (+8.9%), Kia (+7.4%) buck market down -16.3%, Q2 off -44.5%

One year ago: Canada July 2019: Toyota (+17.2%), Ram (+34.1%) can’t prevent 17th consecutive market decline (-1.9%)

Full July 2020 sales for selected 6 groups, 10 brands and 84 models below.

Canada July 2020 – groups:

Toyota Motor Co.19,972-7.8%96,923-31.8%
Honda Motor Co.15,888-10.2%74,694-34.6%
Volvo Cars NA1,01211.8%4,097-29.4%

Canada July 2020 – brands:


Canada July 2020 – models:

Toyota RAV46,4729.0%24,747-34.7%
Honda CR-V5,076-5.8%19,458-41.0%
Honda Civic4,946-15.3%23,139-39.5%
Toyota Corolla3,375-16.6%16,700-41.7%
Hyundai Kona2,91539.9%12,070-20.7%
Mazda CX-52,9015.4%11,868-24.2%
Hyundai Tucson2,8956.4%11,818-28.1%
Hyundai Elantra2,536-34.4%11,790-47.7%
Kia Sorento1,708-0.4%7,108-31.7%
Kia Forte1,6489.1%7,027-24.9%
Hyundai Santa Fe1,514-13.0%6,556-45.6%
Subaru Crosstrek1,4592.2%6,518-15.2%
Subaru Forester1,36822.5%5,528-25.2%
Toyota Highlander1,3621.1%6,212-19.9%
Kia Seltos1,349new4,625new
Subaru Outback1,23214.7%4,801-23.4%
Toyota Tacoma1,141-0.5%6,433-13.8%
Honda HR-V1,108-7.7%5,264-30.4%
Toyota Sienna1,085-28.6%3,935-59.4%
Mazda CX-301,055new4,290new
Toyota Camry1,046-18.7%4,618-53.2%
Kia Sportage1,014-26.3%5,261-22.9%
Hyundai Palisade99620.6%3,456243.5%
Hyundai Venue991new3,936new
Toyota C-HR92428.5%3,622-22.0%
Lexus RX90858.2%3,675-19.3%
Acura RDX90110.0%3,962-20.4%
Honda Accord842-14.4%3,390-50.3%
Mazda CX-3834-23.3%3,403-42.7%
Kia Soul781-45.7%4,343-41.1%
Subaru Impreza755-2.8%3,014-43.2%
Honda Odyssey731-20.1%3,265-43.3%
Lexus NX67615.4%2,892-29.6%
Toyota Tundra649-26.4%4,711-21.3%
Toyota 4Runner630-23.5%3,368-31.3%
Toyota Prius (incl. C and V)598-45.1%3,286-39.2%
Honda Pilot569-12.9%4,357-7.8%
Hyundai Ioniq53247.4%2,307-16.2%
Kia Sedona52721.1%1,955-39.8%
Kia Rio51312.5%1,847-38.6%
Mazda CX-9450-5.1%1,868-25.3%
Hyundai Accent428-38.9%1,753-56.5%
Subaru Ascent40739.4%1,432-40.6%
Honda Passport38962.1%1,77923.3%
Kia Niro363-16.0%1,595-31.1%
Acura MDX353-13.7%1,535-40.0%
Honda Ridgeline35020.3%1,837-9.0%
Hyundai Sonata300-53.2%1,477-47.4%
Acura TLX29118.3%1,241-42.7%
Lexus UX27246.2%1,159-35.8%
Subaru WRX265-13.7%1,347-29.2%
Toyota Yaris256-65.2%1,087-75.6%
Honda Fit176-40.3%859-67.1%
Kia Stinger16811.3%639-29.1%
Hyundai Veloster16555.7%572-44.2%
Lexus ES161-17.9%666-47.8%
Kia Telluride145-51.7%1,444-17.3%
Subaru Legacy1260.8%595-45.5%
Lexus IS121-54.9%572-56.3%
Genesis G701080.9%467-32.0%
Kia Optima83-57.0%507-52.4%
Mazda MX-5 Miata68-56.1%424-27.8%
Subaru BRZ6665.0%454-11.7%
Acura ILX55-67.1%312-74.0%
Toyota 865159.4%142-15.5%
Toyota Sequoia48-41.5%200-48.6%
Honda Clarity FCV47-64.9%489-42.3%
Honda Insight43-59.8%217-39.6%
Lexus GX43152.9%25866.5%
Lexus RC3732.1%117-42.9%
Toyota Supra34-48.5%12183.3%
Toyota Avalon3332.0%126-46.8%
Toyota Land Cruiser3140.9%77-55.0%
Acura NSX8n/a170.0%
Lexus LX7-75.9%447-29.4%
Lexus GS5-16.7%26-63.9%
Lexus LC5-28.6%21-61.8%
Genesis G804-85.7%79-60.1%
Acura RLX350.0%13-55.2%
Genesis G903-57.1%2140.0%
Lexus LS2-71.4%16-68.6%
Kia Cadenza1n/a2-89.5%

Source: Manufacturers, Desrosiers, ANDC, GCBC

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