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Kazakhstan September 2015: GAZ Gazelle triumphs

GAZ Gazelle Kazakhstan Septmber 2015. Picture courtesy zr.ruGAZ Gazelle

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The Kazakh new car market is still freefalling at -42% year-on-year in September to just 8.417 registrations, pulling the year-to-date total down 37% to 77.498 deliveries. Once again, Russian manufacturer Lada is particularly weak at 15.9% market share vs. 27.4% year-to-date while Renault at 10.3% vs. 7.6% and GAZ at 10% vs. 5% are particularly strong, knocking Koreans Hyundai (8.5%) and Kia (8.4%) to 4th and 5th place respectively. Volkswagen posts a fantastic 7.9% market share, almost double its year-to-date level of 4%, Chevrolet does even better at 7.8% vs. 3.4% and UZ-Daewoo is at 6.2% vs. 3.3% while Skoda is at 4.6% vs. 2.4%. Reversely, Toyota only holds 3.9% of the Kazakh market this month vs. 7.4% year-to-date. A brands ranking turned upside down indeed.

Hyundai Accent Kazakhstan September 2015. Picture courtesy kolesa.kzCould the Hyundai Accent edge past the Lada Granta to end 2015 at #1?

Over in the models ranking, the reshuffle is also very visible, with the GAZ Gazelle taking the lead for the first time since BSCB started following the Kazakh market monthly a couple of years ago. It sells 785 units for an outstanding 9.3% market share – exactly double its year-to-date level, distancing the Lada Priora suddenly back up to 2nd place at 7.7%, the Hyundai Accent at 6.2% and the VW Polo at 6.1%. The Year-to-date leader, the Lada Granta, is down to a hellish 12th place and now seriously threatened for the FY2015 throne by the Hyundai Accent at 6.560 deliveries so far vs. 6.329. The Chevrolet Cobalt perks up at #14 vs. #33 year-to-date, as do the Peugeot 301 at #19 vs. #52 and the Chevrolet Aveo at #21 vs. #50.

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