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World Full Year 2014: The Top 25 countries of the Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux Revo Standard Cab Thailand May 2015Toyota Hilux (2015 model shown)

* See the 2014 sales of Toyota Hilux in its Top 25 countries by clicking on the title *

Today we shine the light on the Toyota Hilux, holding the title for most #1 rankings in the world in 2014 at an estimated 45 countries. Among official data, we have detailed the Top 25 countries where the star pickup truck racked up the highest volume. Note this table only shows official data, some countries may be missing if they haven’t made official data available for the Toyota Hilux. Unsurprisingly, production base Thailand comes in first place despite sales down a harsh 30% to just under 145.000 units. Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Australia, South Africa and Argentina follow. The Hilux is building a lot of its success on enormous popularity in the Middle-Eastern: in addition to Saudi Arabia (68.278 sales), Oman (23.538), the United Arab Emirates (20.098) and Kuwait (11.555) are among its top countries. In Europe, the UK leads the way with 8.318 sales above Russia and France.

This is a new sales angle we are exploring at BSCB: analysis by model. Would you want to see more of it, If so, which countries? Would more detailed analysis of the trends affecting different countries for the same model be something useful to you? Please tell us in the comments section.

Full Year 2014 Top 25 Toyota Hilux countries below.

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