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Norway July 2015: Mazda CX-3 and Hyundai Tucson land with a splash

Mazda CX-3 Norway July 2015. Picture courtesy aftenposten.noThe Mazda CX-3 is inside the Norwegian Top 25 in July.

* See the Top 33 All-brands and Top 100 models by clicking on the title *

After surging 24% in June, the Norwegian new car market returns to more reasonable gains in July at +6% to 12.394 registrations, lifting the year-to-date total up 3% to 86.786 units. Volkswagen continues to run alone with 17% of the market thanks to 2.415 sales (+10%), above Toyota at 10.3% (+15%), Volvo at 5.8% (-11%) and Nissan (+12%) and Audi (+24%) both at 5.3% share. Mercedes gains 28% in 6th place, Subaru is up 85% to #13, Tesla is up 95% to #16 and Lexus is up 130% thanks to the success of the NX specially in remote areas of the north of the country as we’ve seen in our Special Feature on the Tromsø market last month.

Hyundai Tucson Norway July 2015. Picture courtesy itempo.noThe all-new Hyundai Tucson lands directly at #39 for its first month on sale.

In the models ranking, the Top 5 best-sellers all spectacularly post gains of at least 20% year-on-year: the VW Golf is up 36%, the Toyota Yaris up 39%, Nissan Qashqai up 49%, Toyota RAV4 up 20% and the VW Passat is up 89%. The Audi A3 (+45%), Mercedes B-Class (+338%) and Toyota Avensis (+159%) also display outstanding results inside the Top 10. If the Tesla Model S is down 12 spots on June to #14 it is up 95% year-on-year and remains 2nd year-to-date. The Ford Mondeo is up 211% to #15, the Mazda CX-3 up 34 spots on last month to #23 and the Hyundai Tucson lands directly at #39.

Renault Zoe Norway June 2015Not so electrifying after all: the Renault Zoe.

Star of last month when it led the overall ranking during the last week of June, the Renault Zoe implodes in July: down 89 spots and 94% to #93 with just 24 units sold. A trend is emerging of Renault artificially stuffing its June sales all across Europe and paying the price this month.

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Full July 2015 Top 33 All-brands and Top 100 models below.

Norway July 2015 – brands:

25Land Rover250.2%-14%243310.4%-13%2424
28Alfa Romeo90.1%-25%31310.0%-39%3130

Norway July 2015 – models:

1VW Golf1,54212.4%36%110,01911.5%11
2Toyota Yaris4013.2%39%52,5182.9%66
3Nissan Qashqai3853.1%49%111,8612.1%913
4Toyota RAV43833.1%20%62,7193.1%39
5VW Passat3562.9%89%101,9412.2%814
6Skoda Octavia3432.8%2%72,5522.9%54
7Audi A33212.6%45%121,8502.1%1217
8Toyota Auris2942.4%-36%92,6553.1%42
9Mercedes B Class2632.1%338%161,1001.3%1866
10Toyota Avensis2562.1%159%187620.9%3236
11Volvo V702512.0%0%131,4691.7%1311
12Mazda CX-52482.0%-23%81,8592.1%107
13Nissan Leaf2391.9%-24%201,8502.1%113
14Tesla Model S2221.8%95%22,8963.3%25
15Ford Mondeo1931.6%211%151,4371.7%1444
16VW Polo1771.4%5%239671.1%2325
17Peugeot 3081741.4%-2%171,1531.3%1720
18Volvo V601731.4%4%199571.1%2421
19Kia Sportage1611.3%-13%349261.1%2624
20Ford Focus1571.3%5%221,2461.4%1519
21VW Tiguan1521.2%-30%399271.1%2516
22Ford Fiesta1451.2%-18%338070.9%2926
23Mazda CX-31391.1%new572420.3%82
24Volvo XC901361.1%n/a145390.6%48230
25BMW 2 Series1351.1%1250%266550.8%39119
26Skoda Fabia1311.1%446%296930.8%3688
27Subaru Forester1301.0%31%367910.9%3038
28Volvo V401271.0%-58%281,0391.2%2210
29Mitsubishi Outlander1261.0%-42%31,9792.3%712
30BMW i31231.0%-1%358070.9%2822
31Volvo XC601170.9%-32%251,0941.3%1915
32Mercedes C Class1160.9%10%301,0511.2%2130
33VW Up!1140.9%-66%211,2391.4%168
34Subaru Outback1070.9%new386980.8%35
35Audi A61030.8%140%415670.7%4657
36Audi A4990.8%-14%445710.7%4528
37Mitsubishi ASX960.8%-13%475590.6%4731
38BMW X3940.8%-16%327800.9%3129
39Hyundai Tucson940.8%new940.1%123
40Suzuki Vitara910.7%1200%404670.5%52161
41Audi Q5850.7%18%663690.4%6541
42BMW 1 Series830.7%19%513930.5%6048
44Ford Kuga810.7%-42%586680.8%3727
45Mercedes CLA790.6%147%544640.5%5355
46Subaru XV790.6%61%493750.4%6252
48Toyota Prius760.6%23%455950.7%4343
49Peugeot 208740.6%37%714040.5%5642
50Skoda Yeti740.6%0%873430.4%6956
51Opel Corsa700.6%678%485290.6%50149
52Mercedes GLA690.6%-19%554420.5%5446
53Suzuki SX4/ S-Cross670.5%-61%508691.0%2718
54Lexus NX660.5%new564360.5%55104
55Kia Soul640.5%433%315290.6%4963
56Renault Captur600.5%28%802910.3%7368
57BMW 3 Series590.5%-58%247180.8%3423
58Honda CR-V590.5%-23%276390.7%4037
59Audi A1590.5%-34%1062160.2%9160
60Mini Countryman590.5%51%1082090.2%9476
61Kia Picanto530.4%23%523700.4%6459
62Opel Mokka520.4%-12%426550.8%3840
64Nissan X-Trail510.4%168%377430.9%3373
65Mercedes E Class510.4%11%593470.4%6849
66Peugeot 2008500.4%-31%643760.4%6134
67Mercedes A Class500.4%-60%863620.4%6635
68Peugeot 3008500.4%-4%742820.3%7565
69BMW 5 Series470.4%-36%605750.7%4432
70Opel Insignia470.4%-48%633560.4%6739
71Suzuki Swift450.4%29%753970.5%5862
72Mitsubishi Space Star440.4%-20%952310.3%8677
74Audi Q3420.3%-24%732890.3%7458
75Toyota Aygo390.3%255%942300.3%8784
76Peugeot 5008390.3%200%911890.2%9696
77Opel Astra350.3%-40%892150.2%9275
78Citroen C4 Cactus340.3%17%613940.5%5974
79Skoda Rapid340.3%-44%672700.3%7753
80Citroen C4 Picasso340.3%new812240.3%88n/a
81Peugeot iOn320.3%357%763740.4%6391
82Kia Cee’d320.3%-54%902490.3%8064
83Kia Rio290.2%-28%782480.3%8182
84Peugeot 508270.2%80%932540.3%7967
85Nissan Pulsar270.2%new842330.3%85162
86Honda Civic260.2%-37%623990.5%5761
87Ford C-Max260.2%24%851020.1%116100
88Mercedes Vito250.2%14%n/a1010.1%11895
89Citroen C-Zero250.2%79%652170.3%9086
90Skoda Superb250.2%-74%683210.4%7045
91Lexus CT240.2%-11%1071450.2%10297
92Renault Kadjar240.2%newn/a310.0%
93Renault Zoe240.2%-41%41,0731.2%2080
94Hyundai i20230.2%-12%466360.7%4169
95BMW X4230.2%-12%722410.3%83102
96BMW 4 Series230.2%-21%1002180.3%8992
97Mitsubishi i-MiEV220.2%-56%773130.4%7183
98Nissan Note220.2%-35%n/a1210.1%10785
99Kia Venga210.2%50%n/a1010.1%117136
100VW Beetle210.2%-9%101740.1%133127

Source:, many thanks to Jan for the detailed data.

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  1. Dans l’électrique l’alliance Renault/Nissan doit avoir une entente “normale et secrète” pour ne pas se concurrencer dans certains pays, ( ce qui n’est pas le cas en France ).

    Exemple l’Espagne:
    Pour les ventes certaines régions sont ( 100 % Renault à Ibiza )( Nissan 0%).
    Pour d’autres régions de ce pays les ventes sont réservées à son partenaire Nissan ( donc Renault ne va pas s’imposer en concurrent ).
    Il est normal que Renault ne tape pas sur Nissan et le contraire est aussi normal, la voiture électrique étant pour l’instant un petit marché.

    Que celui qui connait la stratégie Renault/Nissan de non concurrence en Norvège nous en parle.

    1. Cher Saint Thomas,
      Quand un modèle chute de 94% mois-sur-mois (du jamais vu en Norvège) il nous semble que la “critique” est de mise.
      Pendant ce temps la BMW i3 est stable en 30eme position.
      Bien cordialement,

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