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Media post: Titanium Metal Supply (TMS) Sponsors the Future of Racing and More

Hot Rod Heritage Series. Picture courtesy

TMS began serving many under-served industries that use titanium products. Before long the TMS staff fell in love with auto racing and started their own racing program. Besides this program, TMS sponsors other racing teams to help show the dedication they have to the sport and its further development.

They are sponsoring teams and drivers such as Wayne Taylor Racing and Eily Stafford by providing parts and expertise in order to increase the cars performance. The sponsorship of Wayne Taylor Racing is the personal endorsement of Jordan and Ricky Taylor. Both are young stars in the world of racing and are obviously excited to have such recognition from a company as important to racing as TMS is.

Eily Stafford is famous in drag racing and drives like a blast from the past. She drives blown alcohol dragsters for the American Nostalgia Racing Association and the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series. Teaming up with TMS Titanium was a huge thrill for a life-long racer like Eily. Being sponsored by names such as TMS is like being acknowledged for your own skill and dedication.

Titanium is very desirable for the racing industry. The parts made from titanium are as strong as steel but much lighter. They are also highly durable as they can outlast parts made from other materials and are resistant to both heat and corrosion.

The strength and heat resistant properties of the metal make it valuable for shielding drivers from explosions and also are used to encase parts that get extremely hot or have the possibility of exploding.

Believing in the future of racing, TMS is not only sponsoring the winners but also the young and upcoming drivers such as Alex Taylor. In 2013, Alex was the youngest driver to ever take part in Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week. Being sponsored by a company like TMS Titanium can be a real good experience for young drivers like Alex. The depth of knowledge that TMS has about cars, racing and titanium can teach them a lot and anybody would love having access to such high quality parts for their racecars. It is a win-win situation for TMS, Alex and hopefully racing.

The International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) has named TMS Titanium as the official titanium company of the IHRA. TMS is happy because they feel that the IHRA is about the most innovative and progressive series they have found in racing. Together TMS and the IHRA can educate racing fans on the great qualities titanium offers.

By working together, TMS and the IHRA can develop and introduce new and cutting edge titanium products that will benefit racing. The light weight and strength of the metal make it so versatile that it is exciting to wonder what they are already dreaming up for the future of racing and the design of the cars.

TMS Titanium is a dedicated company interested in furthering our knowledge and use of titanium in the sport of racing and beyond with technical advances and applications applied now.

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