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Media post: The 5 best-selling types of Auto Part so far in 2015


Car brakes. Picture courtesy

While the automotive industry continues to grow year on year, as does the increasingly competitive industry for automotive parts and accessories. With all of this happening at such a rapid rate, Spares Box has shared the info on just what people in the Australian market are purchasing to put in their cars, what they’re replacing and what they’re modifying.

  1. Brakes

Brakes are some of the hardest wearing components on any car, and as such are a busy market for not only need replacements, but are also upgrading. More advanced braking systems are increasingly being sought after by those looking for both added performance in their vehicle, and also longer life for commercial vehicles. Most popular brands: Bendix, Ferodo, Project Mu

  1. Exterior

Keeping the exterior of your vehicle clean and tidy is paramount in ensuring it not only looks good, but is safe both off and on the road. This means the market for car care, exterior accessories and security and safety systems is always growing, especially in areas like sensors and locking mechanismsMost popular brands: BOSCH, NARVA, Hella

  1. Electrical

The electrical systems on vehicles are always going wrong, and for a long time cheap, reliable electrical components have made up a huge portion of the auto parts market. Items range from simple things such as batteries and the various cables and plugs that make up the electrics of any vehicle, to more complex components like alternators and starter motors. Being intricate and temperamental, auto-electrical parts have long been highly sought after at a competitive price. Most popular brands: BOSCH, Hella, AFI, PROJECTA

  1. Ignition

Like electrics, the ignition is one of the most temperamental systems in the automotive world. Because of this, ignition parts are very heavily sought after. The ignition system is made up of many components such as spark plugs, glow plugs, coils, modules and pick-ups. Often expensive to replace and very specific to vehicles, anyone who can offer competitive value and range on ignition parts is bound to do well. Most popular brands: BOSCH, Hella, AFI, Top Gun, NGK

  1. Filters

Every service, most cars need at least one filter changed, and naturally they fly out the door of almost every retailer of car parts. Options extend from value filters, to premium original manufacturer-spec oil filters, cabin filters and air filters, all the way up to racing filters, which are a quick and easy way to boost the performance of any vehicle. With such a wide array of choice for consumers, it’s no surprise that filters are the best selling car parts by a wide margin.

Most popular brands: K&N Filters, MANN Filter, Ryco, Wesfil

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