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South Korea February 2015: Ssangyong Tivoli up to #13

SsangYong Tivoli South Korea February 2015SsangYong Tivoli

* See the Top 54 All-local models and Top 5 local brands by clicking on the title *

Sales of local models are down 4% year-on-year in South Korea in February to 103,202 units, bringing the year-to-date total to 214,822 deliveries, now up just 0.7% on 2014. This month the Hyundai Sonata reclaims the pole position it held over the FY2014 thanks to 7,306 sales and 7.1% share (up 43% on January 2014) but remains #2 year-to-date for now below the Hyundai Porter down to #3 in February. The Kia Morning is up 4 spots on last month and 14% year-on-year to 2nd place, the Hyundai Avante up 6 ranks and 30% to #4 but the Hyundai Grandeur is down 22% to #5.

Kia Carnival South Korea February 2015. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe Kia Carnival is up 220% year-on-year in February.

Among recent launches, the Kia Sorento (+181% to #6) and Carnival (+220% to #8) continue to evolve at markedly higher levels compared to a year ago, while the Ssangyong Tivoli is up 4 spots on its inaugural month in January to reach #13 with 2,898 sales and 2.8% share. It thus confirms its new status as the brand’s best-seller at home and hits the highest ranking for a Ssangyong in at least 3 years.

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Full February 2015 Top 54 All-local models and Top 5 local brands below.

South Korea February 2015 – local brands:

3GM Korea9,1638.9%321,0129.8%3
5Renault Samsung5,2045.0%510,9435.1%5

South Korea February 2015 – local models:

1Hyundai Sonata7,3067.1%43%214,2136.6%21
2Kia Morning7,1276.9%14%612,9076.0%32
3Hyundai Porter6,8736.7%-9%115,7337.3%13
4Hyundai Avante6,7176.5%30%1011,0745.2%74
5Hyundai Grandeur6,3696.2%-22%412,8826.0%45
6Kia Sorento5,7285.6%181%512,0665.6%515
7Hyundai Santa Fe4,8924.7%-32%311,5815.4%66
8Kia Carnival4,6004.5%220%99,5424.4%814
9Kia Bongo4,0964.0%-9%89,0784.2%98
10Hyundai Grand Starex3,7333.6%0%117,8363.6%1112
11Kia K33,0663.0%-17%165,4222.5%149
12Chevrolet Spark2,9782.9%-24%78,2063.8%107
13SsangYong Tivoli2,8982.8%new175,2102.4%16
14Kia K52,6892.6%-33%145,4432.5%1310
15Samsung SM52,4492.4%30%194,6512.2%1719
16Hyundai Genesis2,4022.3%-36%125,6702.6%1216
17Kia Sportage2,3562.3%-41%135,2672.5%1511
18Kia Ray1,8041.7%-43%203,8361.8%2017
19Hyundai Tucson ix1,7511.7%-50%154,3722.0%1813
20SsangYong Korando Sports1,6091.6%-25%183,8721.8%1918
21Samsung SM31,3891.3%-6%302,4171.1%2423
22Hyundai Accent1,3401.3%-31%282,3961.1%2520
23Kia K71,3201.3%-32%222,8851.3%2121
24SsangYong Korando C1,2851.2%-19%242,6191.2%2222
25Chevrolet Cruze1,2651.2%0%292,2981.1%2626
26Chevrolet Malibu1,2511.2%19%232,5961.2%2325
27Hyundai Aslan1,0541.0%new272,1241.0%2948
28Kia Pride1,0331.0%-16%252,2721.1%2724
29Kia Mohave9000.9%-1%262,0000.9%3028
30Chevrolet Trax7650.7%7%341,4780.7%3229
31Chevrolet Orlando7010.7%-7%321,4830.7%3132
32Hyundai Maxcruz6940.7%-25%331,4490.7%3434
33Samsung QM35670.5%219%212,2091.0%2827
34Hyundai Equus5520.5%-43%311,4730.7%3335
35Chevrolet Captiva4860.5%-36%351,0720.5%3530
36SsangYong Korando Turismo/Rodius4860.5%-40%419500.4%3733
37Daewoo Alpheon4410.4%32%379990.5%3638
38Daewoo Labo3700.4%-43%369390.4%3846
39Kia K93500.3%17%408250.4%3941
40Hyundai i303500.3%-43%495340.2%4737
41Samsung QM53410.3%-43%446700.3%4331
42SsangYong Rexton W3260.3%-52%398100.4%4036
43Daewoo Damas3170.3%-48%436570.3%4445
44Samsung SM73130.3%-12%427160.3%4240
45Kia Carens3050.3%-20%456230.3%4543
46Hyundai Veracruz2730.3%-12%387610.4%4139
47Chevrolet Aveo2510.2%-20%474850.2%4844
48Kia Soul2420.2%-50%465540.3%4642
49Hyundai i401920.2%14%483790.2%4947
50SsangYong Chairman W1110.1%-19%502060.1%5050
51Hyundai Veloster1080.1%19%512020.1%5149
52Hyundai Genesis Coupe120.0%-65%52410.0%5252
53Chevrolet Corvette/Camaro60.0%50%53100.0%5353
54SsangYong Chairman H10.0%-99%10.0%5451



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