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Guest post: The 5 Most Expensive Number Plates Ever Sold


Private number plates are a popular purchase amongst the rich and super rich. As a number plate combination can only be produced once, this makes certain number plates such as short number plates, and number plates that spell out popular words highly sought after amongst the rich and super rich that want a way of further showing their wealth or among investors that obtain rare number plates to sell for a higher price a later date. But what are the most expensive number plates ever sold?… The people at Car Buyer Tom have done the research, so in reverse order…


The fifth most expensive number ever sold was the plate “VIP 1” which was initially meant for Pople John Paul 2nd’s “popemobile” but was instead purchased by Roman Abramovich for a cool £285,000.


The M1 plate was the first registration to ever be issued, all the way back in 1902. It was originally kept on a rare Meredes Benz at Tatton Park, but was later put on sale to raise money for the grounds. Mike McComb (who made his money selling his mobile phone store to BT in 2000) purchased the plate for his sons 6th Birthday present. It cost him an incredible £330,000.


This plate “F1” was purchased by Bradford born Afzal Khan in 2008. It cost an eye watering £440,000. Which makes it the most expensive number plate to ever be purchased in Britain.


Talal Ali Mohammed Khoury paid £3,500,000 for the number plate “5”. Yes, you read that correctly. He also spent a considerable £800,000 on the number plate “55”.


Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri purchased the number plate “1” for a staggering £7 million. Khouri is a member of a wealthy Abu Dhabi family.

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