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Senegal Full Year 2013: Toyota leads, Lifan in Top 10

Toyota Hilux Senegal 2013. Picture courtesy of shababhail.comThe Toyota Hilux should be the best-selling nameplate in Senegal

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For the very first time on BSCB and thanks to, I can share with you complete brands data for Senegal, albeit for the Full Year 2013 – just as we finish 2014. The only previous official piece of information that was available for this country was the fact that Mitsubishi led the brands ranking back in 2008. Things are back to ‘normal’ in 2013 with total sales amounting to 6,407 units and Toyota in the brands lead by very far thanks to 1,391 sales and 21.7% share. Based on Youtube videos of the streets and roads of Senegal, the Toyota Hilux should be the best-seller here and could even single-handedly sell more than any other manufacturer as a whole. Mitsubishi comes at a strong #2 with 11.5% share above Ford (8.8%), Suzuki (7.7%) and Hyundai (7.3%).

Lifan 520 Senegal 2013Lifan 520

Once ultra-dominant here as the incredibly high amount of battered Peugeot 405, 504, 505 and 403 roaming the pot-holed bush roads of the country, French manufacturers are now standing on the sides: Renault is #6 with 6% share, Citroen #7 with 5.4% and Peugeot shockingly down to a paltry #14 with just 1.9% share, below Chevrolet and only a few units above Mercedes and BMW… The Chinese on the other hand confirm their aggressive stance in Africa with 13 brands in the sales charts including 7 in the Top 25: Lifan is undisputed king at a beautiful 9th place thanks to 299 sales and 4.7% share (a lot of Lifan 320 are sold to Senegalese taxi companies), above Great Wall (#11), Chery (#17), JMC (#20), Dongfeng (#21), ZX Auto (#23) and Jonway (#25).

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