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China LCV October 2014: Wuling Light Truck teases Rongguang

10. Wuling Light TruckWuling Light Truck in Kashgar, Xinjiang Uyghur – April 2014

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Thanks to LMC Automotive I can share with you today the Top 10 best-selling LCVs in China for October. This segment is one of the main culprits of the cooling off of the overall Chinese vehicle market in October, with sales of microvans down a very harsh 33% year-on-year while commercial trucks and buses are down 15%. The reason: a change in emission laws for commercial vehicles that has upped their retail price and delayed purchased from merchants. As a result the Wuling Rongguang is down to #8 overall vs. #4 YTD and is now threatened by its pickup variant the Wuling Light Truck at #9 and 24.598 sales vs. 24.910, the latter seemingly the only microLCV to survive the slaughtering this month. The Foton Forland ranks at a weak #20 vs. #13 YTD, the Chana Minibus is #30 vs. #11 and the Wuling Sunshine is standing on the brakes: down to #32 with a mere 13.039 sales vs. #5 YTD and a monthly average of 27.550 units so far this year. Talk about a fall of grace.

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Full October 2014 Top 55 models Ranking Table below.

China LCV October 2014 – models including LCVs:

1Wuling Hongguang60,50010%1604,3111
2VW Lavida41,8667%2420,5092
3Ford Focus32,883-17%3327,1873
4Nissan Sylphy30,68025%13232,67012
5Haval H630,37343%6253,4897
6Baojun 73025,506new1758,52888
7VW Sagitar25,00419%7260,0096
8Wuling Rongguang24,910n/a5305,9974
9Wuling Mini Truck24,598n/a11184,82422
10VW Jetta24,279-12%19249,2949
11Buick Excelle23,4150%4243,01010
12Hyundai Elantra Langdong22,82157%9201,96017
13Toyota Corolla21,48073%21120,89933
14VW Tiguan20,11920%20208,65915
15VW Passat19,9254%24194,93019
16Chevrolet Sail19,858-6%8198,79818
17Emgrand EC719,008-6%23117,57134
18Chevrolet Cruze18,946-28%10209,90414
19Hyundai Verna18,6579%15194,39920
20Foton Forland18,296n/a25221,58713
21VW Magotan18,0423%29177,77623
22VW Golf17,80090%22160,73224
23Buick Excelle XT/GT17,5143%16202,75616
24VW Polo16,04530%39136,05127
25VW Bora16,013-26%26193,01621
26ChangAn Eado15,758102%28133,04329
27Kia K315,33129%27141,66325
28VW Santana15,100-16%12249,4808
29Honda CR-V14,148-27%68135,60228
30Chana Mini Bus14,143n/a18238,20811
31Dongfeng Joyear13,05086%3890,87750
32Wuling Sunshine13,039n/a14275,5075
33Chana Honor12,90927%31117,24035
34Kia K212,8059%36123,26731
35Hyundai Mistra12,733new37108,95441
36Toyota Camry12,651-19%33130,03230
37Honda Accord12,58026%5768,79376
38Chery Tiggo 312,566153%3579,63962
39Jinbei Light Truck12,212n/a42115,19538
40JMC Light Truck12,158n/a5491,73549
41Audi A6L12,071-15%32138,28426
42Skoda Octavia12,06115%5090,52851
43Chevrolet Malibu11,69233%4198,38546
44Haval H211,678new20925,085156
45Nissan X-Trail11,645654%3486,81956
46Hyundai ix3511,517-16%46115,36537
47Ford Kuga11,34618%43111,70740
48Honda Crider11,336-9%30122,55332
49Toyota RAV411,2660%7899,85945
50Dongfeng Fengguang11,05293%5861,22081
51Toyota Levin11,016new5327,592149
52Honda Fit10,942308%5555,77294
53BMW 5-Series L10,78726%45115,73536
54Jinbei Light Bus10,766n/a4795,09748
55ChangAn CS3510,73335%4885,96057

Sources: LMC Automotive, CAAM via

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