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Kazakhstan September 2014: Chevrolet Cobalt in progress

Chevrolet Cobalt Kazakhstan September 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruChevrolet Cobalt (Russian model pictured)

* See the Top 30 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Thanks Irina *

After a one month-hiatus, Kazakh data is back on BSCB. New car sales in Kazakhstan take a hit in September: down 9% to 14,580 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 122,063 units, now up a shy 5% on 2013. The market is definitely pausing after gaining 74% over the Full Year 2014: sales are down 4% over the third quarter of 2014 to 45,462 units, potentially impacted by the Russian economic difficulties linked to the Ukrainian crisis. Model sales data is available for Q3 2014 but only a ranking for September. Over Q3, the Lada Priora is still the best-seller but in free fall at -28%. It is followed by the Hyundai Accent (+43%), Lada Granta (+17%), Kia Rio (+226%) and Lada Largus (+65%).

UZ Daewoo Gentra Kazakhstan September 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruUZ-Daewoo Gentra

The UZ-Daewoo Gentra lands directly in 6th place thanks to 2.036 sales and 4.5% share, while the UZ-Daewoo Nexia is down 56% year-on-year but back up to #7 and 3.4% share during Q3 vs. #11 and 2.1% year-to-date. The Lada Kalina confirms its new generation has transformed the nameplate from a non-seller to a Top 10 blockbuster in Kazakhstan (#8), the Skoda Rapid breaks into the Kazakh Top 10 at #9 vs. #12 year-to-date, the Toyota Camry is up to #12 vs. #17 YTD and the Nissan Almera Classic is up to #15 vs. #25. Finally we have a new strong seller breaking onto the Kazakh scene over the period: the Chevrolet Cobalt ranks #25 over Q3 with 467 sales and 1% share but is already #14 in September.

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Full Q3 2014 Top 30 models Ranking Table below.

Kazakhstan Q3 2014 – models:

PosModelQ3 2014%/13Sep2014%PosFY13
1Lada Priora3,9328.6%-28%111,3009.3%11
2Hyundai Accent3,2267.1%43%27,8286.4%36
3Lada Granta2,9956.6%17%38,8367.2%24
4Kia Rio2,6585.8%226%46,1525.0%48
5Lada Largus2,1514.7%65%55,1464.2%59
6UZ-Daewoo Gentra2,0364.5%new73,7923.1%7
7UZ-Daewoo Nexia1,5563.4%-56%62,5592.1%113
8Lada Kalina1,5333.4%3094%103,4972.9%9n/a
9Skoda Rapid1,4953.3%201%122,4312.0%1326
10GAZ Gazelle1,3102.9%-19%n/a4,5933.8%67
11Renault Duster1,2092.7%89%83,5722.9%813
12Toyota Camry1,0512.3%10%111,9271.6%1712
13VW Polo8611.9%8%132,0911.7%1619
14Lada 4×48601.9%-71%152,9292.4%105
15Nissan Almera Classic8391.8%new91,1320.9%25
16Kia Sportage8191.8%92%182,5032.1%1224
17Chevrolet Niva7771.7%14%162,3331.9%1416
18UAZ Bukhanka7131.6%-19%n/a1,8941.6%1811
19Kia Cerato6531.4%1%191,7151.4%2021
20Hyundai Elantra6421.4%29%241,2571.0%2327
21Toyota Land Cruiser Prado5891.3%-4%201,8041.5%1918
22Chevrolet Cruze5551.2%-48%232,1141.7%1510
23Renault Logan5541.2%267%171,1380.9%24n/a
24UZ-Daewoo Matiz4851.1%-27%219340.8%2725
25Chevrolet Cobalt4671.0%new145070.4%n/a
26Renault Sandero4000.9%-2%221,3671.1%2127
27Toyota Corolla3610.8%-35%251,2871.1%2225
28Toyota Land Cruiser 2003470.8%-26%269380.8%2620

Source: AKAB, many thanks to Irina for sharing the data.

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  1. Renault low cost cars fit perfectly with the rough roads of this part of the World.

    Peugeot-Citroen should also make a cheap SUV based on the C-Elysée/301 platform.

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