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Angola 6 months 2014: Hyundai leads market up 33%

Hyundai i10 Angola June 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frHyundai holds 23% of the Angolan new passenger car market.

* Thanks to Pal from CE Auto for the tip! *

New car sales in Angola are up 33% year-on-year over the first half of 2014 according to data from the Association of Automotive Dealerships and Road Transport (Acetro): 20 895 vehicles were sold among all categories and 38 brands present in the country, including 14 826 passenger cars. This is to be compared with 15,693 vehicles including 10,099 passenger cars one year ago, meaning passenger car sales actually increased by a whopping 47% year-on-year. The passenger cars brands ranking is dominated by , Hyundai (23.46%), Suzuki (18.64%) and Renault (11.58%) – all three adding up to almost 54% of the market. According to Acetro, the car population in Angola is between “400 to 500.000 cars”, for a total population of 21 million people, which shows an enormous growth potential for new vehicle sales in the country.

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  1. Dear Matt,
    The data is not correct!! Suzuki has 2 distributor in Angola and on an average they are doing 900 units per month. Both these distributors are growing by more than 200% this year… (Source – Acetro report)
    With best regards

  2. Luxury cars is my weak side, I get crazy because of these cute cars and their prices. If you love cars you will do everything for having BMW or Mercedes-Benz last models. I prefer German cars though my first car was a French Peugeot.

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