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Africa First Half 2019: Exclusive data for 45 markets

Djibouti is a new addition to BSCB. Picture by Francisco Anzola. All rights reserved.

Exclusive total volumes over Q1 and H1 2019 are now available for no less than 45 African markets. Algeria seems to be on the mend with a 37.5% Q1 surge, but all other Top 5 markets are down, including Tunisia (-13.7%). Libya is up 25.4% over Q1 and is above 11.000 units over H1, with Nigeria (+4.4% over Q1), Ivory Coast (+3.2%), Kenya (+16.8%) and Ghana (-7.1% over Q1) rounding out the Top 10. Below, Gabon (+39.7%), Uganda (+25.3%), Mozambique (+25.2%) and Benin (Q1 at +13.9%) are among the most dynamic. We add Cape Verde (28th largest), Djibouti (33rd largest) and  Equatorial Guinea (39th largest) as new markets covered by BSCB.

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Full H1 2019 and Q1 2019 data for 45 African markets below.

…as is Cape Verde. Picture by Martyn. All rights reserved.

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