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Guest post: The tech smart way to better and more affordable chauffeur insurance

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Striving hard to take over the established players in our regional chauffeur service marketplace? Well, it is going to be a battle of operational efficiency and strong cost control for you as you go about trying to edge past your competitors.  A chauffeur business can be a tough one to control, as much because of the fact that the revenue generation activity takes place away from your office and on the road as is because of the very nature of all the cost heads that make up the scary section of the profit and loss account. Right from accounting for the on-road efficiency of all the Mercedes and the Audis to ensuring that chauffeur insurance doesn’t leave lasting stains on the expense sheets, the job of a chauffeur insurance business manager is tough. Here, we intend to offer some actionable suggestions that can go a long way in ensuring that the premiums of chauffeur insurance for such businesses remain affordable.

Get those smart vehicles empowered with smart security gadgets

Vehicle security gadgets have been proven effective in reducing chances of thefts and vandalism, and have also been regarded highly for their effectiveness in enabling drivers to remain more alert while they are behind the steering wheel. Whether it’s a GPS based tracker that makes the vehicle’s location known at any time, or a strong anti-theft installation such as a camera or a siren, you can expect a multitude of benefits from your decision to go for security related gadget installations for your fleet of vehicles. Firstly, such installations lend you peace of mind about the safety your vehicles, and if you have a large fleet, chances are that they would come to the fore with visible results at least once every year. What’s more, the effect these devices have on the premiums that chauffeur insurance companies charge is amazing, and is to your benefit. Insurance companies consider such vehicles less risky, and are hence willing to offer you lesser premiums of chauffeur insurance. Also, the savings in terms of lesser insurance premiums will accumulate on a per year business for the operating time period of your vehicles, which will certainly pay off the devices in due course of time.

Leverage the reach of web to find the best prices

Does the idea of using the Internet to find the best price for your insurance sound laughable to you? Well, you’d not be laughing when your competitors save more than 20% every year on chauffeur insurance by smartly opting to do an online price comparison among different chauffeur insurance policy products. A couple of hours is all you need to ensure that you guard yourself against chauffeur insurance deals that pack unnecessary covers into the mix in order to inflate the premium rates. You will be easily able to invite free quotes for chauffeur insurance based upon the kind of your business and the fleet you have.

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