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France May 2014: Peugeot 308 on podium for 1st time in 5 years

Peugeot 308 France May 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe 2nd generation Peugeot 308 already ranks as high as the 1st gen ever did!

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New car sales in France are up by the tiniest of margins in May at +0.1% year-on-year to 148,573 registrations. This brings the year-to-date total to 762,141 units, up 3% on 2013. The Renault Clio IV (5.6% share) and Peugeot 208 (4.6%) remain the two most popular vehicles in the country this month but the event is below: after hitting a best-ever 6th spot in April, the 2nd generation Peugeot 308 jumps a further 3 ranks to land on the podium for the first time at #3 with 5,676 sales and 3.8%. The last time the 308 nameplate managed to rank that high was in June 2009. In fact, the first generation 308 never ranked higher with a best of #3 reached 7 times (June to October 2008, January and June 2009).

Peugeot 2008 France May 2014. Picture courtesy of LargusThe Peugeot 2008 is frankly above the Renault Captur this month.

Peugeot has a tremendous month: it passes Renault to become the #1 manufacturer at home and places 3 models inside the Top 5 with the 2008 delivering a third month in a row among the 5 most popular models in the country at #5 with 5,220 sales and 3.5%, taking an impressive advantage over its archenemy the Renault Captur down to #9 and 2.4% share. The 2008 is now only 209 units below the Captur year-to-date at #5 and 23,955 sales vs. #4 and 24,164. Both the Renault Scénic and Citroen C4 Picasso progress at #6 and #7 respectively, and the Scénic overtakes the C4 Picasso year-to-date at #7 and #8 while the VW Golf VII is up 5 spots on April to rank #8 and passes the VW Polo to become the best-selling foreign model year-to-date.

Opel Mokka France May 2014. Picture courtesy of car-addicts.comRecord ranking for the Opel Mokka in France this month.

Helped by its facelift, the Peugeot 3008 is back inside the Top 10 for the first time since last August at #10, and although the Dacia Duster (#11) and Sandero (#12) disappear from the Top 10 in May, they are now both inside it year-to-date (#10 and #9 respectively), making it two Dacias inside the year-to-date Top 10 for the first time ever in France. Further down, the Opel Mokka smashes its ranking record (#33 in January and March), up 10 spots on last month to #24 with 1,446 sales, the Mercedes C-Class is up to #44 vs. #73 year-to-date and the VW Coccinelle (French for Beetle) is up 9 to #56 vs. #81 year-to-date.

Lancia Ypsilon France May 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frSoon to be discontinued in France, Lancia sales are nevertheless up 137% so far in 2014.

In the brands ranking, for the third time in the last 12 months after May and July 2013, Peugeot is above Renault at 26,736 sales and 18% vs. 26,034 and 17.5%, leaving Citroen way behind in third place at 20,256 units and 13.6%. Below Volkswagen stable at 8% market share, Ford is up 7% to pass Dacia, up ‘only’ 11% to 5.1% share but still #5 year-to-date with 6.2% share thanks to sales up 27%. Notice also Opel up 9%, Skoda up 20%, Jeep up 133% and Lancia up 137%. Reversely Toyota is down 12%, Nissan down 14%, Fiat down 15%, BMW down 18%, Mini down 27%, Alfa Romeo down 35%, Hyundai down 50% and Chevrolet down 87%.

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Full May 2014 Top 80 models and Top 15 brands Ranking Tables below.

France May 2014 – brands:


France May 2014 – models:

Note this ranking features the 80 best-sellers among in May the Top 100 year-to-date ranking and may not be 100% accurate. The ranking with be updated with complete data later in the month.

1Renault Clio IV8,3665.6%143,0435.6%11
2Peugeot 2086,8344.6%236,9344.8%22
3Peugeot 308 II5,6753.8%622,3332.9%634
4Citroen C35,4763.7%326,3683.5%33
5Peugeot 20085,2203.5%523,9553.1%515
6Renault Scénic4,4383.0%820,8332.7%74
7Citroen C4 II Picasso4,2632.9%1120,7392.7%821
8VW Golf VII3,6692.5%1317,4422.3%1212
9Renault Captur3,6292.4%424,1643.2%47
10Peugeot 30083,4982.4%1416,6692.2%1410
11Dacia Duster3,2322.2%718,4782.4%1018
12Dacia Sandero3,0212.0%920,5372.7%96
13Renault Twingo2,8811.9%1915,8132.1%159
14Renault Mégane2,6881.8%1018,3732.4%115
15VW Polo2,5851.7%1217,0992.2%138
16Ford Fiesta2,5841.7%1511,9811.6%1817
17Citroen C42,1761.5%2012,6701.7%1711
18Nissan Qashqai2,1521.4%1613,7541.8%1614
19Toyota Yaris2,0191.4%1711,9351.6%1913
20Opel Corsa1,8661.3%189,4821.2%2024
21Citroen DS31,8631.3%218,4441.1%2220
22VW Tiguan1,6341.1%228,1541.1%2427
23Citroen C3 Picasso1,5771.1%238,5681.1%2122
24Opel Mokka1,4461.0%345,7690.8%3156
25Audi A31,4381.0%296,4830.9%2731
26Peugeot 5081,3440.9%257,8181.0%2523
27Nissan Juke1,3370.9%287,2100.9%2625
28Fiat 5001,2880.9%248,3291.1%2328
29VW Touran1,2680.9%306,0360.8%3035
30Renault Clio Collection1,2150.8%326,1100.8%2926
31Peugeot 50081,1390.8%276,1890.8%2829
32Mercedes Classe B1,1100.7%414,2190.6%4238
33Mercedes Classe A1,1060.7%444,9440.6%3733
34Ford C-Max II9580.6%334,7110.6%3832
35Seat Ibiza9430.6%473,9470.5%4650
36Citroen DS49320.6%484,2170.6%4341
37Audi A18910.6%374,3710.6%4039
38Toyota Auris8900.6%385,5480.7%3337
39BMW Série 18590.6%394,6440.6%3936
40Peugeot 207+8150.5%405,0530.7%3616
41Lancia Ypsilon8120.5%533,1200.4%58103
42Fiat 500L7950.5%504,2620.6%4154
43Nissan Note7820.5%643,5500.5%51101
44Mercedes Classe C7550.5%462,5210.3%7378
45Ford B-Max7510.5%453,7880.5%4949
46Citroen C17500.5%265,3540.7%3442
47Renault Kangoo7490.5%355,0690.7%3543
48Toyota Verso7420.5%602,6540.3%6868
49Citroen Berlingo7380.5%553,9490.5%4551
50Citroen C57310.5%423,6820.5%5045
51Ford Focus7140.5%363,9400.5%4755
52Renault Laguna7010.5%315,7040.7%3246
53Fiat Panda7010.5%564,0910.5%4448
54Peugeot Partner6900.5%623,0100.4%6162
55Seat Leon6730.5%513,2290.4%5373
56VW Coccinelle6680.4%652,2420.3%8186
57VW Passat6650.4%593,1600.4%5557
58Audi A46590.4%612,9560.4%6261
59BMW Série 36550.4%433,4490.5%5240
60Opel Astra6340.4%752,7320.4%6769
61Suzuki Swift6310.4%573,1520.4%5659
62Peugeot 1076140.4%583,8410.5%4847
63Nissan Micra6120.4%703,0890.4%6082
64Opel Meriva6050.4%842,6070.3%6976
65Audi Q35970.4%493,2100.4%5460
66Toyota RAV45950.4%682,8630.4%6464
67Ford Kuga5900.4%662,5790.3%7166
68Citroen DS55790.4%722,5630.3%7258
69Mini Countryman5780.4%672,7520.4%6671
70Citroen C4 Aircross5760.4%852,4060.3%7685
71Kia Sportage5550.4%633,1140.4%5953
72Skoda Fabia5400.4%712,8620.4%6570
73VW Up!5390.4%732,4760.3%7472
74Skoda Octavia III5190.3%692,6010.3%70100
75Opel Zafira/Zafira Tourer5100.3%862,2560.3%8081
76Dacia Lodgy5020.3%522,9340.4%6344
77Dacia Logan MCV II4350.3%543,1320.4%57n/a
78BMW X14100.3%932,3560.3%7965
79Alfa Romeo Giulietta4050.3%912,1250.3%8283
80Kia Rio3980.3%822,4090.3%7575

Source: CCFA

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  1. @sandu

    But French cars and particulaly new Peugeot 208/2008/308 and Citroen C4 Picasso / Cactus are among the best cars in their categories !

    You totally wrong about that

  2. French cars are amazing! I have bought one(Citroen DS4)a few months ago. Absolutely great. Of course you can’t compare French cars to Audi, BMW or Mercedes but PSA are much much much better than Italian, Japanese or Korean cars…

  3. the french car sales are not good to consider when to buy a car. the french people do not buy good cars, they buy french cars. are nationalists. not a bad thing, because they support their country and themselves. every country should do this.

  4. @ Matt

    Something is wrong with your cms cache settings, it’s not serving me an updated front page, still got on every page load the page from yesterday, counting only 1 comment on this article.

  5. @Wilson

    I’d hardly call anything coming out of Italy as luxury if you are talking mainstream brands!They are all unreliable and failing like Alfa/Lancia etc. French cars are very good. There are no ‘english’ brands anymore, most are owned by outside UK companies – Jag is owned by TATA etc. As for USA, they build cars to suit their mouths – oversized!

    1. Hi poupou,
      Simple explanation: the Renault Zoe is not among the Top 100 best-sellers year-to-date and therefore doesn’t appear in this ranking (yet). As every month the French models ranking will be updated to a Top 300 later in the month (in about one week).
      All the best,

  6. @Wilson

    The French manufacteurs don’t make luxurious cars because in recent years they have no tradition of making those type of cars. But they have achieved a lot of success in motorsports with a lot of victories in F1, WRC, Dakar, WTCC, Le Mans, Pikes Peak, etc, etc..

  7. French cars are shit comparated to German, Italien and English cars. They have no luxuty good cars.

    Italy, England, Germany, USA and Japan are the top 5 of Automobile. The five Kings

  8. Peugeot 308 : Best in class!
    Peugeot 2008 and C4 Picasso shines!
    Coming this month; the C4 Cactus. I bet it will be a huge success.

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