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Venezuela: 1997-2019 Historical Data now available

The Chevrolet Aveo has been #1 in Venezuela each year since 2005.

Historical Data covering the past two decades is now available for Venezuela, and over most of the period a Chevrolet has been the best-seller: the Corsa in 1997 and from 2002 to 2004, the Aveo from 2005 to 2013 and the Silverado in 2015. Extremely rare feat outside of China, the ZNA Rich takes the lead in 2014 with the Ford Explorer leader in 2016 and the Toyota Hilux tops in 2017. From 2014 onwards, the economic crisis the country is going through wreaks havoc on sales with the Venezuelan market down from a record high of 492.000 units in 2007 to just 2.500 in 2017… If you have official data prior to 1997 and between 1998 and 2001 please make sure to get in touch by commenting on this article.

All the links to the annual articles are below:

Venezuela 1997: Chevrolet Corsa and Chrysler Neon shine

Venezuela 2002-2004: Chevrolet Corsa reigns, Daihatsu Terios up

Venezuela 2005-2006: Chevrolet Aveo takes the lead

Venezuela 2007-2008: Aveo/Optra/Spark: podium 100% Chevy

Venezuela 2009: Chevrolet Optra only 77 sales below Aveo

Venezuela 2010: Chevrolet Aveo best-seller thanks to new generation

Venezuela 2011: Chevrolet Aveo leads for 7th time

Venezuela 2012: Chevrolet Aveo leads, Cruze up to #3

Venezuela 2013: Chevrolet Aveo and Mitsubishi Lancer on top

Venezuela 2014: ZNA Rich leaps up to #1 in market down 76%

Venezuela 2015: Chevrolet Silverado #1, market down 96% on all-time high

Venezuela 2016: Ford last man standing in market down 83%

Venezuela 2017: Old gen Toyota Hilux leads market down 98% in 5 years

Venezuela 2018: Previous gen Toyota Hilux tops devastated market

Venezuela 2019: Toyota Fortuner #1, production down to 459 units, sales up 21.7% to 1.723

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