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Singapore: 2006-2022 Historical Data now available

Toyota Corolla Altis in Singapore October 2007

Historical data spanning the past 16 years is now available on BestSellingCarsBlog. If you have access to any information prior to 2006 and models data after 2009, please make sure you get in touch by commenting on this post. All the direct links to the annual articles are below:

Singapore 2006: Corolla Altis in the lead

Singapore 2007: Mitsubishi Lancer takes #1 spot

Singapore 2008: Honda Civic most popular

Singapore 2009: Hyundai Avante surprise best-seller

Singapore January-October 2010: Kia Cerato Forte #1

Singapore 2011: BMW ends almost a decade of Toyota domination

Singapore 2012: BMW #1 for second year running

Singapore 2013: Mercedes leads for the first time

Singapore H1 2014 models: Mercedes E-Class best-seller

Singapore 2014: Toyota Corolla new best-seller

Singapore 2015: Lower COE has market double year-on-year

Singapore 2016: Vezel parallel imports push Honda to #1

Singapore 2017: Toyota reclaims #1 spot, Mazda3 shines

Singapore 2018: Honda back to #1, Hyundai shines in market down 11.9%

Singapore 2019: Honda (+1.8%), Mercedes (+10.1%) defy market down -10.8%

Singapore 2020: Toyota and Mercedes pass Honda in market off -38.5%

Singapore 2021: Toyota remains best-seller in market up 10.1%

Singapore 2022: Market sinks -31.9%, Toyota and Mercedes on top again

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