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Peru: 2005-2022 Historical Data now available

Toyota Yaris in Cuzco, Peru December 2005 

Historical data spanning the past decade is available for Peru on BestSellingCarsBlog. However I have no information prior to 2005 and between 2006 and 2009 so if you have access to any information corresponding to these periods please make sure to get in touch by commenting on this post. All the direct links to the annual articles are below:

Peru 9 months 2005: Toyota places Hilux, Yaris and Corolla on top

Peru 2010-2011: Toyota Hilux and Yaris lead record market

Peru 2012: Toyota Yaris leads in record market

Peru 2013: New gen pushes Toyota Yaris above Hilux

Peru 2014: Toyota Yaris stays on top in market down 8%

Peru 2015: Toyota Yaris and Hilux best-sellers in market down 4%

Peru 2017: Toyota Yaris, Hilux and Kia Rio top market up 6% (with FY2016 brands data)

Peru 2018: Toyota Hilux ends Yaris reign in market down 8%

Peru 2019: Toyota and Hilux cement leads in market up 2.4%

Peru 2022: Toyota Hilux and DFSK Glory best-sellers (with FY2021 brands data)

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