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France April 2014: Citroen C3 past Captur, Peugeot 308 up to #6

Peugeot 308 France April 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Peugeot 308 II reaches a best-ever 6th place at home this month.

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The French new car market is lazily letting himself back into positive territory (how’s that for a French image?) with registrations up 6% in April to 166,968 units which means the year-to-date total is now 4% above 2013 at 613,577 sales. It looks like the Renault Clio IV is on track for a second consecutive win over the Peugeot 208 this year, taking another large advantage this month at 9,848 sales vs. 7,475. Surprise in third position: the valiant Citroen C3 tells everyone the world does not belong to small SUVs just yet, kicking the Renault Captur down to #4 both in April and year-to-date.

Citroen C3 France April 2014. Picture courtest of automobile-magazine.frThe Citroen C3 is back above the Renault Captur in France.

The Peugeot 2008 fares a little better than the 208 in its duel with the equivalent Renault: it is only 119 sales below the Captur this month and 1,800 year-to-date. The new generation Peugeot 308 breaks its ranking record in April: up two spots to a best-ever 6th place thanks to 5,120 sales and 3.1%, also the model’s volume and market share records so far. The compact Peugeot is clearly gearing up a notch at home, and 8 months after its first appearance in the French it is clearly in the lead in its segment above the Renault Mégane (#10) and VW Golf (#13).

Dacia Duster France April 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Dacia Duster is at its highest ranking in France in over one year.

Its facelift and the free advertising generated by the photo of it rescuing a Porsche Magan in the desert (which by the way doesn’t seem to have hurt Macan sales thank you) push the Dacia Duster up 5 spots to #7 with an excellent 4,814 sales and 2.9% share, its best ranking since February 2013 (#5). With the Sandero up 4 ranks to #9, we have two Dacias in the French monthly Top 10 for the first time in history! Talk about a smashing success for the French-Romanian low-cost brand.

There are now foreigners in the Top 11 this month with the Renault Scénic beating its archenemy the Citroen C4 Picasso for the 2nd month running at #8 vs. #11 but still below year-to-date. The VW Polo (#12) is the favourite stranger once again while the Nissan Qashqai (#15) and Ford Fiesta (#16) remain solid. Notice also the Renault Twingo down 9 spots to #19 now that the new generation has been unveiled in Geneva, the Ford Focus up 12 to #36 and the Mercedes C-Class up 21 to #46.

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Full April 2014 Top 80 models and Top 15 brands Ranking Tables below.

France April 2014 – brands:


France April 2014 – models:

1Renault Clio IV9,8485.9%134,6775.7%11
2Peugeot 2087,4754.5%230,1004.9%22
3Citroen C36,1343.7%520,8923.4%33
4Renault Captur5,4683.3%320,5353.3%47
5Peugeot 20085,3493.2%418,7353.1%515
6Peugeot 308 II5,1203.1%816,6582.7%734
7Dacia Duster4,8142.9%1215,2462.5%1118
8Renault Scénic4,4462.7%616,3952.7%94
9Dacia Sandero4,3792.6%1317,5162.9%66
10Renault Mégane4,3542.6%715,6852.6%105
11Citroen C4 II Picasso4,2242.5%916,4762.7%821
12VW Polo4,0792.4%1114,5142.4%128
13VW Golf VII3,6632.2%1413,7732.2%1312
14Peugeot 30083,6592.2%1613,1712.1%1410
15Nissan Qashqai (e)3,4482.1%1511,6321.9%1614
16Ford Fiesta3,0621.8%189,3971.5%1917
17Toyota Yaris2,7881.7%199,9161.6%1813
18Opel Corsa2,5121.5%207,6161.2%2024
19Renault Twingo2,4431.5%1012,9322.1%159
20Citroen C42,4351.5%1710,4941.7%1711
21Citroen DS31,9361.2%246,5811.1%2320
22VW Tiguan1,7851.1%266,5201.1%2427
23Citroen C3 Picasso1,7421.0%216,9911.1%2222
24Fiat 5001,7101.0%227,0411.1%2128
25Peugeot 5081,7091.0%256,4741.1%2523
26Citroen C11,5540.9%384,6040.8%3342
27Peugeot 50081,4710.9%285,0500.8%2729
28Nissan Juke1,3990.8%275,8731.0%2625
29Audi A31,3180.8%304,9800.8%2931
30VW Touran1,2630.8%294,7680.8%3135
31Renault Laguna1,2380.7%235,0030.8%2846
32Renault Clio Collection1,2160.7%364,8950.8%3026
33Ford C-Max II1,1400.7%353,7530.6%3932
34Opel Mokka1,1330.7%334,3230.7%3456
35Renault Kangoo1,1220.7%314,3200.7%3543
36Ford Focus1,0510.6%483,2260.5%4555
37Toyota Auris9910.6%394,6580.8%3237
38BMW Série 19800.6%323,7850.6%3836
39Audi A19390.6%493,4220.6%4139
40Peugeot 207+9290.6%374,2380.7%3616
41Mercedes Classe B9210.6%503,1090.5%4738
42Citroen C58950.5%572,9510.5%5045
43Mercedes Classe A8760.5%443,8380.6%3733
44Ford B-Max8430.5%403,0370.5%4849
45Fiat 500L8410.5%343,4670.6%4054
46Mercedes Classe C8350.5%671,7660.3%8178
47Seat Ibiza8230.5%473,0040.5%4950
48Citroen DS48130.5%413,2850.5%4341
49Seat Leon7880.5%632,5560.4%5673
50Dacia Lodgy7770.5%712,4320.4%6044
51Audi Q37650.5%562,5810.4%5460
52Lancia Ypsilon7630.5%582,3080.4%63103
53Dacia Logan MCV II7520.5%612,6970.4%53n/a
54Citroen Berlingo7480.4%453,2110.5%4651
55Fiat Panda7320.4%433,3900.6%4248
56Suzuki Swift7060.4%642,5210.4%5759
57Peugeot 1076990.4%423,2270.5%4447
58VW Passat6880.4%602,4950.4%5857
59Toyota Verso6870.4%831,9120.3%7768
60Audi A46790.4%622,2970.4%6461
61BMW Série 36760.4%462,7940.5%5140
62Peugeot Partner6710.4%542,3200.4%6262
63Kia Sportage6630.4%552,5590.4%5553
64Nissan Note6580.4%522,7680.5%52101
65VW Coccinelle6380.4%1001,5740.3%8886
66Ford Kuga6340.4%861,9890.3%7366
67Mini Countryman6330.4%752,1740.4%6671
68Toyota RAV46310.4%682,2680.4%6564
69Skoda Octavia III6090.4%782,0820.3%68100
70Nissan Micra5780.3%792,4770.4%5982
71Skoda Fabia5660.3%592,3220.4%6170
72Citroen DS55570.3%741,9840.3%7458
73VW Up!5530.3%731,9370.3%7672
74Opel Astra5160.3%532,0950.3%6769
75Mercedes Classe E5090.3%911,5910.3%8694
76Renault Espace4860.3%761,7960.3%80109
77Toyota Aygo4770.3%662,0250.3%7077
78Hyundai ix354760.3%811,6860.3%8467
79Kia Rio4690.3%842,0110.3%7175
80Peugeot 308 I4550.3%692,0270.3%6919

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  1. Since the beginning of 2014, French groups got 100% of the growth.
    The Peugeot 308 (Car of the Year) could reach the podium with the arrival of the SW version.
    Polo ang Golf moving down again.
    I am curious to see what will happen with the Citroen Catus coming by june! Probably a true success.

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