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World Q1 2014: Toyota ahead of VW and GM again

Toyota Tundra. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comToyota Tundra. Global Toyota sales are up 6% year-on-year so far in 2014.

Toyota announced yesterday they sold 2.583 million vehicles worldwide over the First Quarter of 2014, enabling the Group to keep the world leadership for the third Quarter in a row. General Motors comes second with 2.42 million vehicles and Volkswagen is in third position at 2.4 million units. Year-on-year, Toyota is up 6% vs. just +2% for General Motors, #1 a year ago. At this rate, all 3 carmakers could pass the 10 million units by the end of the year at this rate! Source:

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  1. I was waiting myself for Toyota,thier Q1 was very strong, boosted by Japan and China, those 2 together made 150 thousand difference so basically without Japan/China rest of the world Toyota was flat comparing to Q1 2013. But if we go by regions Toyota Europe was up 14% and Thailand was down a lot – Thai market so far in 2014 is dissaster, also 1st half of 2013 was super strong thanks to government 1st buyer incentives. Also Toyota North America was down in Q1. Next quarter will be more interrestiing with Japan having probably very weak Q2 after tax from April.

    GM- basically without China they had bad quarter – NAFTA region horrible, US down, Canada down, even Mexico is so far not growing like used to in last years. Also their Opel-Vauxhall Europe growth won´t be looking so good for overall Europe, because Chevrolet is pulling out so everything what Opel gains with rebounding Europe and new models Chevy will decline and overal GM Europe will stay in similar numbers.

    VW was 2.40 without MAN, Scania – so 2.45-2.46m with them clearly No.2 , VW is lucky with rebounding Europe and China again amazing results, but their NA and Latin America resulst are bad, declining faster than markets itself, they should fix it soon

    Anyway Toyota should end up No.1 for this year with VW 2nd and GM 3rd

    I still think 2014 will be amazing year that in total all 3 will sell more than 10m and it will be closest top 3 in history – 10.3m-10.1m for them i expect

  2. These three carcompanies + Hyundai/Kia will play the game at least for the next decade, until the chinese will rise and rule the world. The rest of the present carcompanies will be taken over or vanish, especially as some of them can already today only survive with the help of others.

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