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Media Post: 5 things to keep in mind when hiring a car

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Whether you’re going overseas or you’ve been in an accident and need a replacement car, odds are you’ll need to go to a rental car company. Many people have no idea of all the hidden fees that some companies add to their prices. It’s easy to feel over your head, but with these simple tips hiring a car can be a simple exercise.

Do your homework

Before you even leave your house to go to the car yard, do your homework thoroughly. Every bit of information you gather before you make a decision will come in handy. There are a number of different services that offer rentals, so compare prices online to make sure you are getting the best deal. This can be done with a simple Google search. Just type in the name of the place you’d like to visit and you’re bound to get hits.

Smaller is better

When renting cars, smaller is always better. Depending on how many you plan to be transporting, and if you don’t mind not having a bigger car, smaller rental cars can make things much cheaper for you. This is especially true regarding petrol, as smaller cars are much more economical than sedans. Most of the time if the rental agency is out of small cars, they will upgrade you to a larger one for no additional cost.

Avoid airports

As a general rule, avoid renting a car from an airport. Usually airport prices for rented cars are hugely inflated compared to elsewhere. The best practice to adopt is catching a taxi to the closest rental company, where finding a better price is a sure thing. You can get away with not even hiring a car if you have a hotel close to the airport. Sometimes there will be a free shuttle that will take you there. From the hotel, you can ask a rental company to deliver a car if they offer that service.

Think about safety

Whether you’re buying or renting, the first concern you should consider is car safety. It may take some additional time, but researching which cars are the safest will provide you with the peace of mind you need, as well as the comfort of safety. There are many online resources to assist you in deciding the most secure way to spend your travels.

Say no to extra insurance

Try to opt out of paying for extra rental insurance that is offered by agencies. This is especially important if you already have auto insurance, or a credit card providing insurance. If you are already covered, getting additional insurance will be superfluous and just lead to you paying twice. No matter how much a rental agent tries to convince you, don’t give in! If you have a crash, make sure you know what your insurance will cover and know the laws of the country you’re in. If you’re in Australia, Motor Accident Legal Service at can provide you with legal assistance and represent you in court over car accidents.

Using these tips, car hiring should be a breeze!

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  1. Matt, is that pic Adelaide airport rental booths ? I’ve been working at this Europcar branch for few months and this look too familiar 🙂 what are the odds ?

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