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Thailand Full Year 2013: Toyota, Honda, Isuzu on podium

Toyota Vios Thailand 2013Toyota holds one third of the Thai new vehicle market in 2013.

* NOW UPDATED with the Top 70 models and Top 38 All-brands. Thanks Aero & Falkonz *

After hitting a record 1.44 million registrations in 2012, new vehicle sales in Thailand are down 8% year-on-year in 2013 to 1,324,722 units. Toyota is still king of the castle by very far, adding up to 445,225 units for a 33.6% market share. Honda follows at 211,006 units and 15.9%, just above Isuzu at 207,257 and 15.6%. Far below we have Mitsubishi (7.8%), Nissan (7.2%) and Chevrolet (4.2%). Notice also Mercedes at #11, BMW at #12, Hyundai at #13 and 0.3% and DongFeng at #17.

Toyota Hilux Thailand 2013. Picture courtesy of drivearabia.comThe Toyota Hilux still reigns supreme over Thai new car sales.

Now we also have a models ranking for the Full Year, and the entire Top 6 is unchanged vs. 2012, with the Toyota Hilux and Isuzu D-Max perennial leaders with 206,936 sales and 15.6% share and 178,437 units and 13.5% respectively. In third position, the Toyota Vios remains the only passenger car to sell more than 100,000 units this year, boosted by the new generation at 103,115 units and 7.8%, above the Honda City (7%), Mitsubishi Triton (3.2%) and Nissan Almera (3%). The Suzuki Swift makes its first appearance inside the Thai Top 10 at #7 and the Mitsubishi Mirage is up one spot to #9.

Mitsubishi Attrage Thailand 2013. Picture courtesy of attrageclubthailand.comThe Mitsubishi Attrage is the most successful all-new model in 2013 at #27.

However as January 2014 sales have shown, this ranking is about to be turned upside down with the arrival of the new generation Toyota Yaris, the Isuzu MU-X, Nissan Juke and Mazda CX-5… Further down, notice the Ford Ranger up 9 spots on 2012 to #11, the Honda Amaze up to #15, the Mitsubishi Attrage landing at #27, Nissan Pulsar at #44, Chevrolet Spin at #47, Proton Exora at #49, Volvo V40 at #58 and the Proton Preve at #60.

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Full Year 2013 Top 70 models and Top 38 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

Thailand Full Year 2013 – brands:

36Alfa Romeo60.0%20.0%33
38Foton20.0%00.0% –

Source: Toyota Thailand, many thanks to Aero for the tip! Note: This ranking only includes brands with official sales data for Thailand and is therefore not 100% complete.

Thailand Full Year 2013 – models:

1Toyota Hilux206,93615.6%1
2Isuzu D-Max178,43713.5%2
3Toyota Vios103,1157.8%3
4Honda City93,2527.0%4
5Mitsubishi Triton42,2923.2%5
6Nissan Almera41,0083.1%6
7Suzuki Swift36,4952.8%n/a
8Toyota Corolla35,2602.7%7
9Mitsubishi Mirage29,9092.3%10
10Toyota Fortuner29,8152.3%9
11Ford Ranger28,2872.1%20
12Honda Civic28,2522.1%15
13Mazda BT-5025,9842.0%13
14Chevrolet Colorado24,3201.8%8
15Honda Amaze22,1121.7%n/a
16Honda Jazz21,7451.6%12
18Toyota Yaris21,1391.6%n/a
19Nissan Navara20,9391.6%n/a
20Nissan March18,6851.4%11
21Honda CR-V18,1641.4%n/a
22Mitsubishi Pajero Sport17,9301.4%14
23Ford Fiesta16,8551.3%18
24Honda Accord15,1401.1%n/a
25Toyota Camry14,9571.1%19
26Chevrolet Sonic14,0881.1%n/a
27Mitsubishi Attrage13,3701.0% –
28Toyota Avanza12,4420.9%n/a
29Nissan Sylphy10,4540.8%n/a
30Honda Freed7,8360.6%n/a
31Chevrolet Trailblazer6,3850.5%n/a
32Suzuki Carry6,3050.5%n/a
33Chevrolet Captiva6,2490.5%n/a
34Ford Focus5,2190.4%n/a
35Honda Brio4,7110.4%16
36Nissan Teana4,2660.3%n/a
37Chevrolet Cruze4,1260.3%n/a
39Hyundai H1/Starex3,6770.3%n/a
40Isuzu MU-X3,2770.2% –
41Tata Xenon2,8920.2%n/a
42Toyota Prius2,8270.2%n/a
43Subaru XV2,4680.2%n/a
44Suzuki Ertiga2,0860.2%n/a
45Nissan Pulsar1,6950.1% –
46Isuzu MU-71,3650.1%n/a
47Mazda CX-51,3050.1% –
48Mitsubishi Lancer EX1,1810.1%n/a
49Chevrolet Spin8440.1% –
50Nissan Juke6100.0% –
51Proton Exora5260.0%n/a
52Volvo XC60/XC904800.0%n/a
53Ford Everest4790.0%n/a
54Lexus RX4460.0%n/a
55Suzuki SX43880.0%n/a
56Ford Escape3830.0%n/a
57Volvo S603820.0%n/a
58Chevrolet Aveo3770.0%n/a
59Volvo V603300.0%n/a
60Nissan X-Trail2850.0%n/a
61Hyundai Tucson2790.0%n/a
62Kia Picanto2650.0%n/a
63Volvo S801990.0%n/a
64Volvo V401610.0%n/a
65Honda CR-Z1370.0%n/a
66Kia Rio1170.0%n/a
67Proton Preve1140.0%n/a
68Lexus IS1130.0%n/a
69Subaru Forester790.0%n/a
70Hyundai Veloster760.0%n/a

Source: Formula Magazine, many thanks to Falkonz for sharing the data! Note: BMW and Mercedes do not communicate models detail and therefore don’t appear in this ranking

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  1. @Aero
    Hi, Aero, If I have more sales data about Proton I will post it! , I just found another Proton car sale in Thailand of 2008 total 3279 Unit

    1. Proton Savvy 1785 units
    2. Proton Gen2 584 Units
    3. Proton Neo 501 Units
    4. Proton Persona 409 Units
    Glad you like it!

  2. @Falkonz
    Wow, I would like extend my utmost gratitude for your Proton sales data ! I’ve been looking for accurate sales data for a very long time but thanks to your efforts, I can now use them on the Proton Wikipedia pages. Thanks again !

    If you have more accurate sales data for Proton in Thailand, Indonesia or any other country, I would appreciate it, big time ! 😀

    Cheers !

  3. Historical number Sale of Proton in Thailand (Units)

    2008 = 3279 units ( year Proton entering the Thailand market)
    2009 = 2939 units
    2010 = 5530 units
    2011 = 5197 units
    2012 = 3305 units
    2013 = 697 units
    2014 Jan-Feb = 89 units

  4. Sale of Proton Thailand 2013 Total 697 Units down 78.9% on 2012
    1. Proton Exora 526 down 65.3% on 2012
    2. Proton Preve 114 up 1040% on 2012
    3. Proton Saga 36 down 94.5% on 2012
    4. Proton Gen2 13 down 67.5% on 2012
    5. Proton Persona 4 down 99.6% on 2012
    6. Proton Savvy 4 down 95.7% on 2012
    7. Proton Neo 0 down 100% on 2012

    Sale of Proton Thailand 2012 Total 3305 Units
    1. Proton Exora 1516
    2. Proton Persona 982
    3. Proton Saga 657
    4. Proton Savvy 94
    5. Proton Preve 10
    6. Proton Neo 6
    7. Proton Gen2 0

  5. In the statistics for all brands the sale of passenger cars and commercial vehicles should be separated!

    As an example Volvo passenger cars and Volvo commercial vehicles are owned by entirely different companies though the brand is common.

    To put together the sale for these companies like they do for Thailand is confusing.

    This seems also to be done in statistics regarding Malaysia, Colombia, Peru and so on.

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