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Mozambique Full Year 2013: Only 13% of imported cars are new

Maputo Mozambique 2014. Picture courtesy of Flickr.comMaputo street. Picture courtesy of sarahs97, all rights reserved.

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According to a recent study by the Mozambique Association for Import and Distribution of Vehicles (AIDAM), only 13% of all imported vehicles in 2013 were new. That’s 6,000 out of a total of 45,000 vehicles imported into Mozambique in 2013. Interestingly, Mozambique does not regulate the import of used vehicles into the country, and as a result, according to Dalila Tsihlakis, CEO of Ronil, the exclusive agent in Mozambique for the Mazda, Iveco and BMW, “some of the second-hand vehicles that are acquired do not even stay on the road for six months as they arrive in the country already damaged or with serious faults.” Pick-up trucks rule the roost in Mozambique and my estimation is Toyota leader of the brands ranking and the Hilux topping the models sales charts.

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  1. While it is not a very good indicator, and I have no “proof” to share, I had access to a list of used cars for sale in Mozambique (in a huge car dealer present in a few cities), and it shows Toyota’s domination:

    # Brand #Cars Percentage
    1 Toyota 725 53.0
    2 Nissan 140 10.2
    3 Honda 128 9.4
    4 Mitsubishi 74 5.4
    5 Mazda 57 4.2
    6 Mercedes 34 2.5
    7 VW 33 2.4
    8 Isuzu 31 2.3
    9 Audi 22 1.6
    10 BMW 18 1.3
    11 Kia 17 1.2
    12 Ford 16 1.2
    13 Land Rover 15 1.1
    14 Jeep 12 0.9

  2. 80% of cars running on Mozambique roads come from South Africa, Namibia or Suaziland.
    There´s a handful of special bussinessmen that import cars from Japan. Specific Japanese version cars such as the Toyota Crown, Nissan Cedric, Suzuki Solio, Toyota Gaia, Toyota Avanza… and so many others are usual on Mozambique roads… we also can see lots of BMWS and Mercedes imported from South Africa. Cars of the Portuguese era before the revolution in 1975 such as Minis, Citroen DS, Toyota Corolla, Datsuns, Mazdas, Colts, Mercedes, Fords, Mazdas, Peugeots 504, Volvos 144, 164… are also signals on the roads…

    1. Thanks for all this info Zé, much appreciated!
      If you like in Mozambique, would you be able to estimate the best-selling new cars there recently based on your observations in the street?
      Many thanks once again.

  3. Cool, seems like we in BG are even worse than Mozambique. I mean every year in BG are sold 250 000 imported cars and only about 20 000 are new. Which means about 8%. 🙂

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