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Guest post: Skoda Yeti – what makes it the best of the range

Skoda Yeti 2014

The Skoda Yeti is great value for money considering its high build quality and great looks. Its crossover features aim to satisfy the needs of tall hatchback users whilst being very capable off-road. Here are a few of the key points which make the Yeti the best in the Skoda range:

Exterior The Skoda Yeti’s new face lift consists of unyielding clean cut lines instead of the subtle curves found on older Skoda models. This gives the tough looking Yeti a much more distinctive and attractive look than its rivals. The boxy front end contains square headlights, a rejuvenated grille and large fog lights, which now sit level with the front bumper. There are also many add on themes to choose from, allowing you to personalise your Yeti. Overall, the exterior of the Yeti has been modernised to lead the way in the crossover SUV market and will certainly turn heads.

Interior  As there was little amiss with the previous Yeti interior, they have kept it the same, with a few changes here and there. However, you can now choose from a range of trim for the dashboard, the style of the steering wheel and the style and finish of the seats. There is also the addition of sliding rear seats and new equipment such as a rear-view parking camera and an automatic parking assistant. Even the entry level models come with electric windows and air conditioning, making the Skoda Yeti interior very practical.

Driving The Skoda range begins with a 1.2 TSI petrol engine. You may think that the 1.2 engine is too small but don’t be deceived, it is actually great for hauling your family around. The petrol engines range from 1.2 to 1.8 litres and all are very economical. There is also a 1.6 TDI diesel and a 2.0 TDI diesel to choose from. Whatever your budget, there is a Yeti perfect for your needs. All engines provide effortless, comfortable and smooth driving.

The weighting of the Yeti, its low vibration suspension and its electric steering add to the ease of driving the crossover across town or off road. The gearbox provides fluid and light shifts making changing gear effortless. There is also the option of a seven-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox which will ensure even smooth gear changes.

The Yeti’s new quirky look, along with its range of economic engines and its great value for money make the Yeti very appealing to buyers. Its practicality and ease to drive make it a great car for family, or anyone looking for a large hatchback that is great off road. What do you think of this blog? Can you think of any more reasons which make the Skoda Yeti the best Skoda in the range. If so, please leave your comments below. This blog was written by Alex Cordwell on behalf of Leasecars, the car leasing specialists.

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