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Guest post: Most popular Australian Passenger Cars of 2013

Mazda3 Australia November 2011Mazda3

With approximately one out of every twenty Australians buying a new car, it is undeniable that 2012 was an outstanding year for car sales. The ongoing trends of small and large car purchases continued, while sedans slipped even further down the list of popular vehicles. Toyota ruled the list of the top ten cars sold in the nation, taking three of the spots.

Here is a list of the top passenger cars sold in Australia so far in 2013:

1. Toyota Corolla – The highest rated sedan on the list, this quiet and responsive vehicle is the tried and true vehicle for small Australian families. Its sturdy interior can take the beating of tiny fists, while the durability holds up well for long car trips with messy passengers.

2. Mazda3 – Providing a smooth but powerful performance, the Mazda3 offers drivers an exciting ride with a high efficiency rating. Small enough for city driving but comfortable enough for long drives along the ocean coast, this was the favourite car for Australians two years in a row.

3. Hyundai i30 – This hatchback vehicle provides a spacious interior and comfortable seating for a reasonable amount of money. Although this car lacks the pep for zipping along the country’s expanses of highway, the economical gas mileage and expansive room for passengers makes up for these shortcomings.

4. Holden Cruze – More powerful and quicker than the Commodore, the Cruze is a sportier option. In addition to the pep and steering control, this car is affordable and technologically advanced, offering many hands-free options to its driver.

5. Ford Focus – Available with a number of impressive technology add-ons, this super-economical and quick-manoeuvring car offers durability and reliability for Australian families. Responsive steering and sturdiness over uneven terrain makes this vehicle a perfect choice for a drive across the Outback.

Hyundai i30 Australia 2012

6. Holden Commodore – Formerly the top-performing car in the country, this locally produced vehicle is known for its strength and durability through all the types of Australian terrain. Whether the car is driving down gravel roads or across the highways of the metropolitan areas, these tank-like vehicles work well for people who travel frequently.

8. Toyota Camry – Toyota’s most popular model offers drivers and passengers a comfortable, quiet, and smooth ride in a spacious midsize sedan. Toyota lures many customers with the plush seat cushions and smartphone integration added to its newer models.

10. Mazda2 – Affordable, easily to maneuverer, and available in a number of cheerful tints, this car’s handling help to compensate for the lower engine power and cramped interior. Singles, couples, or small families will find this car more than adequate for their needs.

14. Toyota Yaris – Created as a hatchback vehicle to compete with the Hyundai i30, the Yaris compensates for its slower engine and slightly lethargic accelerations with superior handling. Even with responsive steering, the car’s larger turning radius will hinder indecisive and u-turn-loving drivers.

15. Volkswagen Golf – The oldest car on this list, this vehicle has improved greatly since its introduction in 1974. With an impressive fuel economy rating and updates that allow iPod connections, this car combines a smooth ride with classically elegant styling and comfort.

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