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Scotland / Wales / N Ireland / England (UK) November 2013: First Top 10 rankings for the Dacia Sandero!

Dacia Sandero UK November 2013. Picture courtesy of larevueautomobile.comThe Dacia Sandero is #7 in Scotland and #9 in Wales this month!

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Thanks to SMMT, I can share with you the best-sellers for each nation in the UK in November, all in one update. Keep in mind this is a zoom in into each nation, all figures are already included in the UK overall update. If the UK market is up a flamboyant 7% year-on-year in November, Northern Ireland (+18%) and Wales (+13%) over perform, while Scotland (+6%) and England (+7%) are within the average.

In Scotland, the Ford Fiesta reclaims the pole position after a two month-hiatus thanks to 686 sales and 4.9%, adding up to 10,333 units and 5.3%, but this is not enough to pass the Vauxhall Corsa year-to-date at 10,662 and 5.5%. The Corsa should still be able to lodge a 6th consecutive year atop the Scottish sales charts this year. Good showing of the VW Polo up 4 spots on October to #4 while the Fiat 500 is down 3 to a still brilliant 6th place. But the big news is below: while the brand only launched in the country last January, the Dacia Sandero manages to claw its way within the 10 most popular models in Scotland for the very first time at #7 with a formidable 227 sales and 2% share! An extremely promising performance that should be improved in 2014. Notice also the Renault Clio back up to #8 and the Seat Ibiza breaking into the Top 10 at #10.

Renault Clio UK November 2013. Picture courtesy of Renault Clio is #7 in Northern Ireland and #8 in Scotland.

In Wales, the Top 4 best-sellers are identical to last month: the Ford Fiesta leads by far with 7.5% share, followed by the Ford Focus (3.6%), Vauxhall Astra (3.2%) and Vauxhall Corsa (2.8%). The VW Polo is back inside the Top 10 at #5 while both the Vauxhall Zafira and Ford C-Max are stable vs. October in 8th and 10th place respectively. Here too the big news come from French-Romanian brand Dacia: the Sandero historically breaks into the Welsh Top 10 for the very first time, shooting up to #9 with 97 sales and 1.7% share! This is a rather astounding performance for a carmaker that was unknown to all before this year. It will be fascinating to follow the Sandero’s progression in 2014 as Skoda’s success in the whole of the UK has demonstrated that customers are really keen for great value for money in this country.

Vauxhall Astra UK November 2013The Vauxhall Astra is #1 in Northern Ireland and #2 in England.

In Northern Ireland, the models ranking is back to some kind of normality after crowning the Nissan Qashqai in October. In fact, the entire Top 5 is reversed vs. October, with the Vauxhall Astra jumping from #5 to #1 at 109 sales and 3.5%, the Ford Focus up from #4 to #2, the Ford Fiesta stable at #3, VW Golf down from #2 to #4 and Nissan Qashqai from #1 to #5… The Nissan Juke is up one spot to reach #6, by far its highest ranking in all nations in the UK this month. Finally, the Renault Clio is back among the nation’s 10 most popular models at #7 with 81 sales and 2.6%, which earns it a #10 spot year-to-date.

In England, the ranking is logically very similar to the UK one as England represents 86% of overall UK sales this month. We still have a few differences in the Top 10: the Vauxhall Astra passes the Ford Focus to become #2 with 4,481 sales and 3.3%, the BMW 3 Series and Nissan Qashqai exchange spots to #7 at 2,776 units and 2% and #9 with 2,568 sales and 1.9% respectively. Year-to-date however, with the Vauxhall Astra now above the VW Golf at #4, there is now no difference in the Top 10 with the UK ranking.

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Full November 2013 Top 10 models Ranking Tables below.

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