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Japan October 2013: Tokyo Photo Report

Hummer H3Pimped out Tokyoite Hummer H3

* NOW UPDATED with more photos! *

* See the Full Photo Report by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Stephen *

No I have not gone off to Tokyo in Japan, no travelling for me for a while! One of BSCB’s readers, Stephen, was kind enough to share some shots of his recent trip to Tokyo which I thought I would publish here. Enjoy! Some of Stephen’s observations in Tokyo follow. There were probably about equal numbers of Aquas and NBOXs, which makes sense given their respective sales figures and launch dates.

Toyota Aqua Honda FitToyota Aqua and Honda Fit: fighting for the top spot.

Lots of current generation Prius (which also makes sense), a few 2nd gen but absolutely zero first gen (they are probably all in Mongolia by now!). Surprisingly there were more first and second generations Nissan Cube than Prius 1 and 2.

Toyota HarrierAll-new Harrier in Toyota dealership.

The new generation Honda Fit, even though it has been on the market for one and a half month, is apparently every where already! To the point where Stephen saw about the same number of Honda N-One and new Fit. Interestingly, the all-new Toyota Harrier (aka Lexus RX) is already on sale in Japan, clearly a soft launch here, but the hybrid version won’t come up until early 2014 which is when sales should lift up significantly.

Mitsubishi iMitsubishi i in a “tailored” parking spot… Certainly not one for the Hummer above.

Lexus LS ShibuyaA rare Lexus LS in Shibuya, Tokyo

Full Photo Report below.

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