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Guest post: Could vans soon replace cars?

Monster van

Generally, people change their car every few years, to get an up-to-date model which boasts new technology and of course, that new car smell. People also change their car depending on their lifestyle; you may have taken up a new hobby or changed jobs and need a bigger boot to store things. If you’re looking for a new vehicle you should consider purchasing a van. Vans are becoming increasingly popular on the roads in Britain, with one of the UK’s largest commercial vehicle hire, North Gate, who have provided over 60,000 different vehicles for hire. Like buying a car, with vans there’s a wide range of different options so you can find the perfect one to suit your budget.

Everyone has a different budget but in the van market you can always find something at the right price for you. You can either buy a brand new van or choose an older less expensive model; it’s also an option to use your old van as payment for your new one or you can even rent a van. Vans have always been a popular choice with businesses and traders, because of the great storage space that can easily be used for transportation. Whether you need a van for business or private use you don’t necessarily have to buy a large transit van – you could always consider purchasing a sprinter van, which is a small van that’s in the style and shape of a car.

Van Monster have a wide range of sprinter vans both new and used, which are becoming a popular choice. The Ford Fiesta van combines the style, features and comfort or a small car with the practicality of a commercial van. If you buy a new or used van from Van Monster they all come with a comprehensive customer charter, which promises you a three month/3,000 mile AA warranty, free AA breakdown cover and a 48 hour return policy.

When purchasing a van, getting insurance can be the part that some people find difficult. Save yourself hours of browsing websites and phoning companies by going straight over to Go Compare, who can give you quotes from 42 different van insurance companies; so you can find the right insurance policy for you.

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  1. I agree that if your job is dependent on you having a van it is worth switching. But with the increase in many cars being a hatchback, and having seats that fold flat. I have found that I can fit almost as much equipment in my car as I could in a small van.
    Al you need to make sure of is that you put some form of cover to protect the seats if you ever have to transport dirty or greasy bits of kit or tools.

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