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Europe September 2013: VW Golf shines in market up 6%


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Some good news coming from Europe for once! The overall market is up 6% year-on-year in September to 1,204,102 registrations, the largest year-on-year increase so far this year and reducing the year-to-date fall to 3.9% at 9,379,709 units, the lowest it’s been in 2013. The UK has definitely pushed the overall European market up this month thanks to its 12% increase and the license plate change bringing it past 400,000 registrations or one third of European sales! Within the ‘Big Five’, Spain (+30%) and France (+3%) are also on the up.

Renault Clio IV Europe Seprember 2013Renault Clio sales are up 29% year-on-year in September thanks to the 4th generation.

Thanks to strong showings in the UK and Germany, the VW Golf is up a very satisfying 17% on September 2012 to 45,212 sales while the Ford Fiesta is boosted by the UK market to #2 and 33,561 units, reclaiming the #2 spot year-to-date off the Renault Clio in the process. Another UK beneficiary, the Opel Corsa, holds the third spot this month with 28,347 sales but remains #6 year-to-date. Two additional models lodge very impressive year-on-year improvements: the Renault Clio is at +29% to #4 as the 4th generation had just launched one year ago and the BMW 3 Series continues to shine, up 23% to #7 and still #9 year-to-date ahead of the Opel Astra. Brand-wise, there are now 2 manufacturers up year-to-date in the Top 10: BMW at #7 (+1%) and Mercedes at #8 (+5%).

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Full September 2013 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

Europe September 2013 – models:

1VW Golf45,21217%1347,4052%11
2Ford Fiesta33,5617%5222,184-7%22
3Opel Corsa28,347-7%8188,705-11%64
4Renault Clio25,85129%2216,76120%35
5Ford Focus24,8723%n/a176,507-7%76
6Peugeot 20822,398-4%7189,59493%515
7BMW 3 Series22,05423%4155,35520%912
8VW Polo21,6255%3201,929-10%43
9Opel Astra21,055-4%n/a153,281-15%107
10Nissan Qashqai18,9930%9161,0540%88

Europe September 2013 – brands:


Source: JATO

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  1. JamiroCars :Haha, Audi down to 7. In August they were 2.

    Rank 6 is normal to Audi and september is a holiday-month and usually a little bit different to other months. And anyway Audi is not the european no.2-brand.

    But it is quite surprising, that BMW is ahead of Audi in september.

  2. @Rick
    I don’t think so. Clio is holding really well and it’s sales are not cannibalized by Captur. And Captur is selling much better than 2008 in Europe (with the exception of Germany)

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