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Guest post: The best Hondas of all time

Honda NSXHonda NSX

Honda has a long history of bringing innovation, reliability, and unique styling to the road thanks to the fact that it stretches it automotive-engineering arms into many different areas of production. They are a huge name in racing, motorcycles, and even recreational vehicles. The numbers for Honda cars available at Vertu Honda are also very telling when it comes to the level of quality that Honda puts into every design. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of internal-combustion engines by volume, and they have lead the world in motorcycle production since 1949. Among the advances and firsts in the automotive market claimed by Honda is the introduction of the first brand that was dedicated solely to luxury. Acuras made a considerable splash when they first hit the market in 1986. With all these things in mind and the huge number of Honda vehicles out there to date, it can be hard to determine the top Hondas of all time. However, the cream of crop have no trouble holding their own in the winner’s circle for automotive engineering.

NSX Type-R

This Honda broke the mould when it was released in 1990. This car was built for speed, leaving all competitors at the time scrambling to make up for lost ground. The engine was primarily constructed from aluminium, a practice that was unheard of at the time. The chassis was given extremely precise tuning yet the car itself maintained the comfort in driving that had gained popularity for the Accord. The second generation of this vehicle featured a 3.2-Litre, V-6 that made it capable of 290 horsepower.


This vehicle did not necessarily make its mark with raw power. The Integra gained popularity based on the details. It coupled it’s 1.8-Litre, VTEC engine with careful refinements that made this car perform like no other on the road at the time in terms of handling and engine capability. The chassis was reinforced, and the gear ratios were lowered as well. Some critics have called this model the greatest front-wheel drive car ever conceived. Improvements like the stiffened suspension and the minimal-style interior assisted in backing this kind of claim.

Civic Type-R

Not all of the great Hondas immediately made their way overseas. This Civic is just one example. Eventually, however, it made its way out of Japan’s borders with a K20A, four-cylinder engine capable of producing 220 horsepower. This model also represented the first sedan-based design that allowed for greater stability at higher speeds. An increased wheel base, independent rear suspension, and Brembo rotors outfitted on the front, all had drivers riveted. The use of aluminium in every part of production possible also kept the Civic light on its feet. The Civic continues to grow with the increasingly popular new Honda civic available at Vertu Honda.

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  1. Great article, I love Honda exactly because of its innovativeness. Can you answer me one question, why Honda doesn’t offer the City model as a cheaper alternative of Civic?

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