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10 Middle-Eastern articles now updated with more data!

Lamborghini Aventador Police Dubai June 2013Lamborghini sold 49 Aventador in the region so far in 2013, including one to the Dubai Police!

* See the list of all updated articles below! Many thanks to John *

For the first time on BestSellingCarsBlog, there is now brands data for the 10 Middle-Eastern articles published yesterday! The complete domination of Toyota in the region is now very clear: the Japanese manufacturer is the best-seller in all countries covered except Jordan (Hyundai) and Lebanon (Kia). When leader, Toyota’s market share ranges from 31.8% in Kuwait, 36.4% in the UAE, 40.2% in Saudi Arabia, 52,9% in Oman to an unbelievable 76.5% in Yemen! You can also now access complete year-to-date sales figures for all models covered in the June rankings.

To access all this info, click on the links below or scroll down the page and into page 2:

(in alphabetical order)

Bahrain June 2013: Toyota Prado shoots up to 13.6% share (now with Top 140 models YTD)

Gulf June 2013: Toyota Hilux and Hyundai Elantra in charge (now with Top 230 models YTD)

Jordan June 2013: Hyundai Elantra leads, 16 Koreans in Top 20! (now with Top 40 models YTD)

Kuwait June 2013: Toyota Prado leads, Chrysler 300C up to #5 (now with Top 200 models YTD)

Lebanon June 2013: Nissan Sunny and Hyundai i10 on top (now with Top 70 models YTD)

Oman June 2013: Toyota Hilux sovereign just under 13% share (now with Top 170 models YTD)

Qatar June 2013: 3 Nissans in Top 6, Patrol up to 5th place (now with Top 180 models YTD)

Saudi Arabia June 2013: Hyundai Elantra beats all Toyotas! (now with Top 200 models YTD)

United Arab Emirates June 2013: Hilux beats Prado & Land Cruiser (now with Top 240 models YTD)

Yemen June 2013: Toyota Group holds 79% of the market! (now with Top 40 models YTD)

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