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Czech Republic June 2013: Hyundai i30 at highest foreign share in 2 years, first study suggests Rapid cannibalised Octavia and Fabia

Hyundai i30 Czech Republic June 2013Hyundai i30

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Harsh landing for Czech new car sales, down 20% year-on-year in June to 14,482 registrations, which brings the year-to-date total to 80,818 units, down 14% on 2012. This month the leading Skoda trio reverts to market shares very close to their 2013 YTD levels: the Skoda Octavia is up from 8.3% in May to 9.7% vs. 10.2% year-to-date, the Skoda Fabia down from 7.9% to 6.6% vs. 6.7% while the Skoda Rapid improves from 4.8% to a best-ever 4.9% share thanks to 711 sales, to be compared with 4.2% year-to-date.

Skoda Rapid Czech Republic June 2013It would appear that the Skoda Rapid has cannibalised sales of Octavia and Fabia.

Exactly one year ago in June 2012, the Rapid launched at home in Czech Republic, so I thought it would be a good time to start looking at its impact on the rest of the Skoda range, in particular the Octavia and Fabia. In June 2012, the Octavia held 13.2% of the Czech market vs. 13.7% year-to-date, while the Fabia was at 7.7% and 8.6% respectively. Overall, Skoda holds 29.1% of the market in June 2013 vs. 30.6% in June 2012 and 29.5% so far in 2013 vs. 31% in 2012. So the first learning is that the Rapid has not helped Skoda gain market share, which can mean it has almost entirely cannibalised the rest of the range.

Skoda Octavia Rapid Czech Republic June 2013. Picture courtesy of autopruvodce.czLooks like a natural evolution: Skoda Octavia I, Octavia II and… Rapid.

The Octavia lost 3.5 percentage points YTD (from 13.7% to 10.2%) while the Fabia lost 1.9 percentage point (from 8.6% to 6.7%). Add these two losses and you arrive at a combined 5.4% market share loss year-on-year, which is more than the Rapid’s market share so far in 2013 (4.2%). This is a very initial and basic study and the changeover between two Octavia generations at the same time, as well as the Fabia now getting a little old, may have biased the results, so I will do this again in a few months. But at this stage we can roughly say that the Rapid looks like it has “stolen” two thirds of its sales from the Octavia and one third from the Fabia. Again, this is assuming that buyers don’t move in and out of the Skoda brand which is incorrect, but an interesting first look indeed.

Hyundai ix20 Czech Republic June 2013Hyundai ix20

In third position in June, the Hyundai i30 impresses at 643 sales and 4.4% share. This is the i30’s second best-ever share in the country below the 6.1% it reached in October 2010 and the best market share for a foreign model (even though the i30 is produced locally) since the Ford Focus hit 4.5% in June 2011. In fact, Hyundai manages to place no less than 3 models inside the Czech Top 7 this month: the i20 is #5 with 308 sales and 2.1% and the ix20 is #7 at 292 units and 2%.

Notice also the Peugeot 308 up 8 spots on May to #6 with 2% share (vs. 1.6% in France!), most probably due to run out prices before the new generation lands, the Dacia Sandero up a whopping 17 ranks to #16, the Seat Leon stable at an outstanding 18th place (vs. #142 over the Full Year 2012!), the Opel Astra up 9 to #19, BMW 5 Series up 26 to #36, Kia Carens up 38 to #53, Peugeot 2008 up to #65 and the Mercedes CLA up to #117.

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Full June 2013 Top 150 models and Top 46 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

Czech Republic June 2013 – brands:

24Land Rover600.4%4230.5%2425
33Alfa Romeo80.1%770.1%3129
44Rolls Royce10.0%10.0%4647
 –Ohters490.3%2260.3% – –

Czech Republic June 2013 – models:

1Skoda Octavia1,4099.7%18,21010.2%11
2Skoda Fabia9506.6%25,4306.7%22
3Skoda Rapid7114.9%33,4174.2%344
4Hyundai i306434.4%62,4053.0%43
5Hyundai i203082.1%71,8852.3%612
6Peugeot 3082952.0%141,1221.4%1629
7Hyundai ix202922.0%111,8312.3%710
8Skoda Roomster2912.0%101,5872.0%126
9VW Golf2892.0%122,3172.9%57
10Skoda Citigo2842.0%81,6262.0%914
11Skoda Superb2751.9%51,8152.2%84
12Ford Fiesta2691.9%41,6002.0%119
13Skoda Yeti2661.8%91,6222.0%105
14Kia Cee’d2461.7%131,4771.8%138
15Hyundai ix352421.7%171,1281.4%1517
16Dacia Sandero2371.6%336730.8%2940
17Dacia Duster1841.3%227500.9%2524
18Seat Leon1751.2%186350.8%30142
19Opel Astra1731.2%287620.9%2427
20VW Passat1691.2%151,3401.7%1411
21Kia Sportage1581.1%198551.1%1825
22Ford Focus1551.1%267761.0%2319
23VW Tiguan1350.9%258371.0%1922
24Renault Megane1320.9%247811.0%2218
25Ford B-Max1310.9%217190.9%2690
26VW Caddy1310.9%275310.7%3235
27Seat Ibiza1300.9%317971.0%2120
28Renault Fluence1220.8%235520.7%3133
29BMW 3 Series1200.8%484490.6%4060
30Nissan Qashqai1160.8%298031.0%2021
31VW Polo1140.8%201,1181.4%1716
32Renault Clio1140.8%424320.5%4423
33Toyota Yaris1130.8%166920.9%2836
34Suzuki SX41040.7%356930.9%2726
35Opel Corsa1040.7%374200.5%4745
36BMW 5 Series840.6%623830.5%5139
37Peugeot 208830.6%394950.6%3757
38Honda CR-V820.6%325280.7%3348
39Dacia Lodgy800.6%494430.5%4293
40Dacia Logan760.5%344420.5%4342
41Peugeot 301750.5%414780.6%38177
42Citroen Berlingo740.5%385060.6%3637
43Fiat 500L740.5%563770.5%52173
44Peugeot 5008720.5%763930.5%4946
45Citroen C4710.5%435130.6%3432
46Ford Mondeo710.5%303890.5%5030
47Hyundai i40700.5%614480.6%4161
48Citroen C3 Picasso670.5%363580.4%53105
49Citroen C4 Picasso640.4%404300.5%4549
50Opel Meriva640.4%453350.4%5884
51VW Transporter640.4%672810.3%6350
52Nissan Juke630.4%553450.4%5551
53Kia Carens610.4%91970.1%130n/a
54Toyota Auris600.4%544230.5%4652
55Mazda CX-5590.4%724610.6%39100
56Citroen C-Elysée590.4%753070.4%60n/a
57Kia Venga570.4%463550.4%5431
58Toyota Verso570.4%582690.3%7194
59VW Touran560.4%532970.4%6265
60Toyota RAV4550.4%662700.3%6989
61Opel Zafira530.4%712220.3%8178
62Citroen C3500.3%743170.4%5938
63Peugeot 508500.3%832690.3%7071
65Peugeot 2008480.3%n/a550.1%n/a –
66Ford Kuga470.3%862730.3%6754
67Honda Civic460.3%503360.4%5763
68BMW X3460.3%772320.3%7774
69Mercedes B Class460.3%882180.3%8267
70Audi A3450.3%444130.5%4891
71Renault Scenic450.3%992390.3%7559
72Mitsubishi ASX440.3%572660.3%7266
73Kia Rio440.3%512650.3%7328
74Fiat Punto430.3%473360.4%5672
75Fiat Panda430.3%1341730.2%8941
76Chevrolet Orlando420.3%523000.4%6143
77Suzuki Swift410.3%632260.3%7988
78BMW X1410.3%702030.3%8483
79Volvo XC60400.3%842640.3%7462
80Citroen C1390.3%652750.3%6579
81VW Up!390.3%782330.3%76115
82Audi Q3390.3%682240.3%8070
83Renault Trafic380.3%852260.3%7876
84Opel Insignia370.3%1001640.2%9485
85Ford S-Max370.3%1461010.1%12897
86Peugeot Partner360.2%602740.3%6656
87Peugeot 3008350.2%942720.3%6853
88Ford Tourneo Custom350.2%137790.1%146 –
89Mercedes A Class340.2%1021610.2%96129
90Audi A6320.2%1051960.2%8558
91VW Sharan320.2%871720.2%91103
92Seat Toledo310.2%592180.3%83n/a
93Audi Q7310.2%1131330.2%102120
94Mercedes ML Class300.2%981950.2%8668
95Mercedes Vito280.2%1111070.1%125123
96Citroen Jumpy280.2%142790.1%145154
97Ford C-Max270.2%731460.2%10147
98Hyundai Santa Fe260.2%811520.2%99110
99Mercedes E Class260.2%901280.2%107114
100Mercedes Viano260.2%1351280.2%108118
101BMW X6250.2%931640.2%9398
102Audi Q5250.2%921520.2%98107
103Range Rover Evoque240.2%1041720.2%90108
104Toyota Avensis240.2%891600.2%9775
105Ford Transit240.2%1301330.2%10381
106Volvo V40240.2%n/a1110.1%119172
107VW Touareg230.2%1101620.2%9580
108VW Multivan230.2%1471050.1%126116
109Chevrolet Cruze220.2%642750.3%6455
110Subaru Forester220.2%951780.2%8895
111Toyota Aygo220.2%801470.2%10073
112Hyundai Elantra220.2%1361090.1%12199
113Ford Transit Custom220.2%121870.1%136 –
114Mercedes C Class210.1%971190.1%11387
115Citroen C5210.1%n/a1090.1%120121
116Audi Allroad Quattro210.1%1441070.1%123144
117Mercedes CLA210.1%n/a420.1%n/a –
118Renault Thalia200.1%825080.6%3513
119Subaru Legacy200.1%1011120.1%118117
121Mercedes GL Class190.1%1191310.2%105164
122BMW X5190.1%1241070.1%124104
123Fiat Freemont180.1%1391170.1%115119
124Opel Mokka180.1%n/a830.1%143 –
125Chevrolet Trax180.1% –180.0%n/a –
126Citroen DS4170.1%1201270.2%110167
127Peugeot 207170.1%n/a1190.1%11434
128Chevrolet Captiva170.1%122860.1%137109
129Peugeot Expert170.1%116830.1%144139
130Volvo XC70170.1%126750.1%150130
131Ford Galaxy170.1%n/a170.0%n/a191
133Chevrolet Aveo160.1%1061210.1%11264
134Kia Sorento150.1%n/a840.1%138122
135Mercedes GLK Class150.1%n/a830.1%142136
136Audi A4140.1%1181020.1%12792
137VW Beetle140.1%140920.1%132135
138Ford Ka140.1%n/a370.0%n/a77
139Renault Kangoo130.1%1071300.2%10686
140Seat Altea130.1%961280.2%10996
141Jeep Grand Cherokee130.1%123940.1%131126
142Peugeot 107130.1%108900.1%133128
143Nissan Note130.1%131840.1%139155
144Suzuki Splash130.1%112840.1%140132
145Mercedes CLS130.1%n/a710.1%n/a153
146Opel Vivaro130.1%149560.1%n/a163
147Renault Captur130.1%117350.0%n/a –
148Mitsubishi Outlander120.1%1451330.2%104106
149Subaru XV120.1%132900.1%134152
150Chevrolet Spark120.1%138830.1%141102
151Fiat 500120.1%109770.1%147159
152Toyota Land Cruiser120.1%n/a750.1%149149
153Nissan Micra120.1%n/a720.1%n/a143
154Volvo V60120.1%n/a690.1%n/a125
155Honda Jazz120.1%n/a580.1%n/a127
156Porsche Cayenne120.1%n/a500.1%n/a147
157Dacia Dokker120.1%n/a150.0%n/a –


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