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Poland April 2013: Renault Clio on podium

Renault Clio Poland April 2013. Picture courtesy of autokult.plRenault Clio

* See the Top 50 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Karol *

I can happily report that Polish new car sales are back in positive territory in April, up 1% year-on-year to 27,140 registrations, which brings the year-to-date total to 111,839 units, down 2% on 2012. After an eventful month of March, Skoda reclaims the Top 2 positions but as it has been the case since the beginning of 2013, it’s the Skoda Fabia that has the advantage once again, selling 1,082 units for a solid 4% market share vs. 829 and 3.1% for the Skoda Octavia. Year-to-date, the Fabia is at 4,386 and 3.9% vs. 3,577 and 3.2% for the Octavia…

Skoda Fabia 2013The Skoda Fabia is still #1 year-to-date

Outstanding month for the Renault Clio, up 9 spots on March to land on the third step of the podium thanks to 739 sales and 2.7%. This is by far the Clio’s best ranking in Poland in at least 5 years…so clearly the 4th generation of the model has been extremely well received here. The Toyota Auris is down one rank to a still excellent 4th place while the Opel Astra, even though it only ranks #6 this month, is now up to #3 year-to-date like in 2012.

Peugeot 301 2013. Picture courtesy of Beirutnightlife.comPeugeot 301

Other great performers in April in Poland include the Hyundai i30 up 4 spots to #12, the Kia Cee’d still very robust at #14, the Toyota RAV4 up 8 ranks to #16, Honda CR-V up 15 to #20 and the Skoda Rapid maintaining itself at #21. Finally, the Peugeot 301 breaks into the Polish Top 50 for the very first time, up 16 spots on March to #47 with 187 sales.

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Full April 2013 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Poland April 2013:

1Skoda Fabia1,0824.0%24,3863.9%12
2Skoda Octavia8293.1%63,5773.2%21
3Renault Clio7392.7%121,9801.8%1020
4Toyota Auris7022.6%32,3172.1%828
5VW Golf6972.6%52,5002.2%67
6Opel Astra6532.4%72,8512.5%33
7Ford Focus6422.4%42,8472.5%46
8Toyota Yaris6022.2%12,8242.5%54
9Opel Corsa5041.9%181,7361.6%1310
10Kia Sportage4491.7%92,3862.1%712
11Nissan Qashqai4411.6%82,1791.9%95
12Hyundai i304271.6%161,5061.3%1921
13Fiat Ducato4261.6%151,6421.5%1711
14Kia Cee’d4031.5%101,7691.6%1223
15Dacia Duster3951.5%191,6651.5%149
16Toyota RAV43411.3%248820.8%4070
17Renault Megane3191.2%291,3181.2%2219
18Hyundai ix353181.2%131,6621.5%1516
19VW Passat3171.2%111,6501.5%1618
20Honda CR-V3151.2%359840.9%3558
21Skoda Rapid3051.1%201,3421.2%21188
22Peugeot 2082981.1%171,5151.4%1832
23Chevrolet Cruze2961.1%211,2051.1%2643
24Honda Civic2821.0%231,2981.2%2422
25Peugeot Boxer2821.0%301,1991.1%2740
26Toyota Avensis2821.0%331,1641.0%3017
27Hyundai i202751.0%271,1241.0%3231
28Peugeot Partner2731.0%321,3101.2%2327
29Ford Mondeo2681.0%1087190.6%4924
30Citroen Berlingo2651.0%499750.9%3629
31Kia Venga2570.9%261,1711.0%2830
32Renault Master2450.9%439570.9%3725
33Skoda Superb2250.8%398530.8%4239
34Ford Fiesta2220.8%221,8641.7%1114
35Skoda Citigo2180.8%281,2391.1%2562
36Nissan Juke2170.8%468830.8%3936
37Chevrolet Aveo2160.8%251,1441.0%3113
38Skoda Roomster2090.8%488410.8%4342
39Chevrolet Spark2050.8%348140.7%4448
40VW Jetta1990.7%676830.6%n/a55
41Iveco Daily1990.7%705320.5%n/a51
42Opel Insignia1980.7%477930.7%4526
43Fiat Punto1970.7%381,0891.0%3315
44Suzuki Swift1930.7%506590.6%n/a45
45Suzuki SX41920.7%429250.8%3853
46VW Caddy1880.7%537230.6%4838
47Peugeot 3011870.7%635090.5%n/an/a
48Volvo XC601870.7%417120.6%5056
49Skoda Yeti1850.7%556830.6%n/a50
50VW Tiguan1830.7%441,0220.9%3434

Source:, many thanks to Karol for the tip!

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  1. Another problem for Fiat could be that the Panda is no longer manufactured in Poland, the Qashqai and Sportage are very successfu,l and has already been said Fiat don’t have a similar model. Fiat used to be popular here in the UK as well, only 60 Bravos wer sold in the first three months of the year compared to over 25,000 Ford Focuses and nearly 16,000 Golfs.

  2. @karrol
    So may be the problems of Fiat are not only the fault of Volkswagen, but are caused by changes in the polish society, huge mistakes by Fiat concerning bigger cars and competitors like Dacia, Toyota, Kia and Hyundai.

  3. @Steam so, as you can see- even ten years ago Poles were buying rather cheap cars and hence Fiat’s success. Now, with the society getting richer, the most popular cars are compacts. What’s more, also the suv class is becoming more popular these days (look at Sportage, Duster etc.). In both of these classes Fiat does not have interesting offerings. Moreover, there’s the issue of private sales that decreasing every year whereas companies buy more new cars. When you have to create a fleet, a typical choice is Octavia, Focus or Auris, no one would even think about Bravo.

  4. @karol
    Thanks for your interesting informations.

    There might be a further reason for the Fiat-problems in Poland: The only segment, where Fiat is really strong at the moment, is the minicar-class. But in polish top-50 we only find two minicars (Spark, Citigo), the strongest one on rank 39.

    The rise of the VW-group is a phenomenon surprising a lot of people. There are various reasons, but most of the competitors (Renault, Fiat, PSA, Opel, Ford) did not enter the SUV-segment in time or not with attractive models. At the moment Peugeot, Renault and Opel are giving intelligent answers because they offer models like Mokka or Capture – in a segment where Volkswagen has no answer beyound the Skoda Yeti.

  5. Well, even the previous gen Panda was a bestseller in 2004 and ranked in the top 10 throughout the whole time of its production. Nowadays Fiat is having a hard time in Poland. The new Panda is too expensive and the Punto (a top10-bestseller from its introduction in the 90s) is long in the tooth now, so no wonder that people prefer to buy the likes of Citigo/Spark or Clio/Yaris. But the real problem of Fiat is actually the VAG group. In the times where Fiat was a leader Polish people mainly bought cars that they could afford not the ones they really wanted. The Cinquecento/Seicento (and similarly Tico/Matiz) were a necessity, not a real choice. Poles love German cars (especially when you look at the charts concerning imported used cars…), so now Volkswagen is doing better and better each year and Skoda, as a Czech-VW, is leading the market. I guess that had it not been for the money, the VW would have been the king in Poland for a couple of years now. And Fiat is no longer treated seriously- the Panda, apart from being too expensive, has far more rivals to defeat, the Punto is too old, and the rest of the line-up do not have any chance to sell that well so Fiat could retrieve its position. The only real power of Fiat are commercial cars- the Ducato is an absolute run-away leader, the Fiorino sells 6 times better than Bipper and Nemo counted together and the Panda-van and Doblo or adding up to 4 Fiats in the top11 of the most popular commercial cars in Poland.

  6. Yet another (former) important market where Fiat is blown away by its competiters. Can you imagine that the Cinquecento/Seicento used to be the best selling cars in Poland?!

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