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Iran April 2013: Chery MVM315 up to 4th place

Chery MVM315 Iran April 2013Chery MVM315

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As is the tradition for Iran only production data is available, however this is a good indication of car sales in the country as high import duties limit sales of imported vehicles. April 2013 roughly corresponds to Farvardin, the first month of the year 1392 in the Persian calendar. Traditionally the weakest month of the year, this year Farvardin production data tests new lows: down a horrendous 60% year-on-year to just 22,513 units, only a few units more than the sales of the Saipa Pride one year ago…now down 53% to just under 10,000 units at 9,998 – the first time the Pride falls below 10,000 monthly units produced since the creation of BestSellingCarsBlog.

Being a very weak month, the models ranking is a lot more volatile: we have the Renault Tondar 90 (aka Dacia Logan) up to a brilliant 2nd place thanks to 2,204 units produced (-57%) followed by the Peugeot 405 at 1,653 (-77%). Exceptional performance of the Chery MVM315 (aka Fulwin 2/Bonus) up to #4 with 1,627 units, while the Chery MVM350 (aka A5) is up to #5 at 1,095 units (+61%). The Saipa Tiba is up 96% year-on-year to #7 and we welcome a new model in the ranking, the Saipa X100 which is a combination of the Saipa 111, 131, 132 and 141 at #11 with 430 sales.

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Full Farvardin 1392/April 2013 Top 15 Ranking Table below.

Iran Farvardin 1392/April 2013 (production):

PosModelFar 92/91EsfFY1391/90Pos
1Saipa Pride9,998-53%1276,992-55%1
2Renault Tondar 902,204-57%577,416-14%4
3Peugeot 4051,653-77%4104,314-40%3
4Chery MVM3151,627new811,212n/a12
5Peugeot Pars1,394-69%371,506-23%5
6Chery MVM5301,09561%1013,689n/a10
7Saipa Tiba96296%921,991-32%7
8Iran Khodro Samand950-87%2110,479-21%2
9Peugeot 206808-84%727,819-83%6
10Chery MVMX33636-39%1314,524n/a9
11X100430new –0n/a –
12Chery MVM11040332%145,439n/a14
13Iran Khodro Runna166new615,798new8
15Nissan Teana48-36%151,282-11%17


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  1. What is the difference between Peugeot Pars and 405, because according to there is no difference!?!

  2. Chery are really getting a hold on the Iranian market, I am also interested in the X100 (who makes it), I googled X100 and only came up with a camera and the Jaguar X100

  3. It is because of government’s meddling in pricing of cars. Government wanted to force the automakers to lower their price and predicted a fall of auto cost in the media. But the prices are already the lowest possible (When compared with the price of exported cars, the cost is actually lower in domestic market), so automakers resisted the decision, and people withheld from buying cars as they were expecting the prices to fall soon. As a result, automakers stopped the production as it wasn’t possible to sell many.

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