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Iran February 2013: Peugeot Pars and Lifan 620 shine

Peugeot Pars Iran February 2013Peugeot Pars

* See the Top 18 most produced models by clicking on the title! *

In the Persian calendar used in Iran, February 2013 roughly corresponds to Bahman, the 11th month of the year 1391. Over that period only 63,039 new vehicles were produced in the country, a 37% year-on-year drop, to be compared to -45% last month and -53% the month before so the situation is slowly but surely getting better for the Iranian new car market. Year-to-date with only one month to go in the year 1391, the total production is 707,120 units, down 45% on 1390. However the traditional leader the Saipa Pride is suffering more than most, with its production down 60% year-on-year to just 16,989 units, by far its lowest monthly figure since I have started tracking monthly data for Iran almost 2 years ago.

Lifan 620 Iran February 2013. Picture courtesy of 620

The Pride’s issues are in part due to one of the 3 Saipa factories apparently stopping all production this month, which also had the effect of bringing the Saipa Tiba to a standstill with absolutely no unite produced in Bahman… Reversely the Iran Khodro Samand is in great shape, up 8% year-on-year to 11,670 units, its highest monthly figure in almost a year, while the Peugeot Pars is doing even better at +14% in third place with 9,405 units. The Iran Khodro Runna celebrates its 10th consecutive record month at #6 with 3,269 units and the Lifan 620 jumps into the Top 10 at 1,084 units, up 76% year-on-year.

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Full February 2013/Bahman 1391 Top 18 Ranking Table below. Iran Bahman 1391:

PosModelBah 91/90Dey11m 1391/90Pos
1Saipa Pride16,989-60%1255,148-55%1
2Iran Khodro Samand11,6708%299,804-21%2
3Peugeot Pars9,40514%463,401-23%5
4Peugeot 4057,560-46%397,434-40%3
5Renault Tondar 906,017-22%571,098-14%4
6Iran Khodro Runna3,269new712,148new10
7Peugeot 2061,674-84%926,124-83%6
8Chery MVM3151,627n/a89,585n/a12
9Chery MVM5301,095n/a1012,594n/a9
10Lifan 6201,08476% –4,7254%14
11Renault Megane949-35%1411,8637%11
12Chery MVMX33636n/a1113,888n/a8
13Chery MVM110403n/a125,036n/a13
14Great Wall Voleex C30224n/a181,129n/a18
16Nissan Teana13648%151,150-11%17
18Suzuki Grand Vitara73-69%172,017-50%15


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  1. @Thomas

    From what I could read, the figure 450,000 speaks about the total Peugeot sales in Iran in 2011, not about the number of CDKs (Complete Knock Down Kits) sent. There were a handful of Peugeot 407 sales to Iran which were “ordered” by IKCO, assembled in France, and sent here. This matches the other parts of the articles speaking about the Vesoul factory and vehicle exports are subject to import tariffs and won’t be affordable by a large majority. There could have still been auto-part exports but they are not CDKs.

  2. O-D :
    Peugeot doesn’t supply IKCO with CDKs for about ten years

    Thank you very much for your insides.

    I am afraid you may be mistaking about Peugeot’s CKD to Iran. PSA has a plant in the French city of Vesoul which has been providing CKD kits to Iran until last year. 458.000 units in 2011, 145.000 units in 2012 (production for Iran has been stopped in February 2012, as IKCO was no longer able to pay in foreign currencies because of the international sanctions, btw the 350 workers in charge at Vesoul have been “reclassified”…).

    However it’s true that IKCO was building itself an increasing parts of its Peugeot (specially for the “Pars” version), and also ordering some of them to Chinese suppliers. But 206 was much less integrated. I really wonder what is the current situation……

    Some articles about that (sorry, it’s in French) :

    Good night, khodafez!

  3. Peugeot doesn’t supply IKCO with CDKs for about ten years. Most of the parts are either produced locally or obtained from other sources like China and India (the latter two caused a great problem with Samand’s EF7 engine parts due to extremely low quality). We had a stop of Peugeot 206 production in recent months because the electronic systems were imported from Europe (Germany to be specific). For Renault, I think because as it is actually partly owned by the state, it can find better ways to evade the sanctions. As far as I know, a large portion of Renault parts are still imported from Europe so we can still have a Renault production halt in future (specially because about 40% of the parts for Tondar are imported).

    Anyway, I actually found a Saipa Tiba and several Prides in a car show today with the production date of 2th of Bahman, meaning that Saipa Kashan was not off for the month, only not included in the statistics.

  4. @O-D

    Hi O-D, maybe could you give us some inside…

    I see in the figures that there are still Peugeots and Renaults sold in Iran. Few months ago, I was thinking that, because of the international sanctions, they are just selling their stocks… But sales continue… Do you know is there are still CKD sent to Iran? Are Iranian doing themselves more parts of the vehicles?

    I went to Iran myself few times in the last years and I have been surprised to see how this marketing evolved… 10 years ago, there was only Peykans, Peugeots, Prides. Three years ago, I see that IKCO has developed of full range of vehicles based on Peugeots, while Renault has good results with its Logan/Tondar, and it was full of luxury imported German and Asian cars… According to you, what are the main trends now with the stronger sanctions?

    Anyway Iranians deserve a dynamic car market: they really love their cars…

  5. As I said in the previous post:

    Cherry production statistics are not updated for Dey and Bahman (Which can now be seen in But As far as I know, the whole production of their models was increased by 7.7 % in Dey.

    Note that the production in Bahman was increased by 5.1%. But in, no production is registered for Saipa’s Kashan Factory (Which produces Tiba and a large share of Saipa’s pride products). But as far as other sources go, Saipa Tiba has had a production leap in Bahman. So ivma’s statistics have some problems for this month and cannot be trusted (maybe caused by the haste after
    that delay)

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