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BestSellingCarsBlog will be at the Manila Auto Show on 4 & 6 April!

Manila JeepneyI can’t wait to take some pictures of Filipino Jeepneys! Pic by bsmith4815, all rights reserved.

It’s with great pleasure that I can announce today BestSellingCarsBlog’s presence at the Manila International Auto Show this coming 4 and 6 April, thanks to the kind invitation of Rico. The Philippines has long been a country I have wanted to visit so there will be lots of pictures taken, both at the Show and in the streets of Manila where I can’t wait to experience the world-famous Jeepneys! So expect a couple of thorough photo reports to be published here. The Philippines is also a country that still has some irregular sales data updates on BSCB so I hope that I will be able to meet the main actors of the industry and find a way of reporting sales by brand and models in a more detailed and regular way. Which leads me to two calls for you:

If you work in the Motor Industry in the Philippines and will be present at the Manila Motor Show: I will attend the opening ceremony on Thursday April 4 from 10am onwards and would be delighted to interview you afterwards about your perception of the Filipino car market and your perspective for the future 2 to 5 years. If you want to get in touch and/or have any specific info to share prior to the Show please do so by filling in the ‘Contact’ form atop this site just below the logo.

If you are a reader of BestSellingCarsBlog and live in the Philippines, I would love to meet you! (I will try and get some BestSellingCarsBlog tee-shirts to distribute) At this stage my plan is to be at the Show on Thursday April 4 at 1pm when the gates open to the public, as well as on Saturday April 6 in the morning to meet and greet my readers. I will confirm this closer to the date. If you want to get in touch with me prior to the Show please do so by either commenting on this article or filling in the ‘Contact’ form above.

Very much looking forward to it!

Manila International Auto Show 2013

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