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USA Full Year 2012: Now with Top 40 brands ranking available!

Fisker Karma 2012Fisker sold an estimated 2,000 units in the USA in 2012.

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As you know I am now trying to add as many brands rankings as I can for each country covered on BestSellingCarsBlog. With a bit of a delay, I can now share with you the best-selling brands in the USA for the Full Year 2012. Ford stays on top with 2.16 million vehicles, but in a market up 14% it is growing by only 5% and therefore sees its market share slip down to below 15% at 14.9%, to be compared to 16.1% in 2011. Chevrolet also sees its share drop from 13.9% to 12.8% thanks to sales up only 4% to 1.85 million. Reversely, Toyota recovers from 2011 which was impacted by the after-effects of the tsunami, and grows by 26% to reach 1.76 million sales and 12.2% share vs. 10.9% in 2011.

VW Passat USA 2012Volkswagen hits its highest level in the US since 1973.

Honda also is back in shape, up 24% to 1.27 million units and 8.7% share while Nissan (+8%) and Hyundai (+9%) post more measured growths. Kia delivers its best-ever year in the US with 557,599 sales, up 15% year-on-year, while Dodge is up 16% to #8 and Jeep up 19% to #9. Volkswagen is at its highest in 30 years (since the original Beetle!), lodging a 35% increase to break into the year-end Top 10 at 438,133 units and 3% share. Subaru (+26%) and Chrysler (+39%) also impress.

Scion tC 2012Scion sales are up 49% in 2012 in the US.

Further down, all US-born luxury divisions of Japanese manufacturers enjoy significant growth this year: Lexus is up 23% to #18, Acura up 27% to #20 and Infiniti up 22% to #23. Scion is also back on track, up a massive 49% to #25 with 73,505 sales and now above Volvo, Mini and Mitsubishi thanks to the arrival of the iQ and FR-S, and Fiat is up 121%. Finally, notice the arrival at the bottom of the ranking of Tesla with an estimated 2,300 sales and Fisker at 2,000.

USA Full Year 2012 models: USA Full Year 2012: Ford F-Series and Toyota Camry still the ones

Full Year 2012 Top 40 brands Ranking Table below.

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