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Madagascar Q3 2012: JAC up to #2 brand!

JAC Tojoy Madagascar 2012JAC Tojoy

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It has been a very long time since we last talked about car sales in Madagascar, only because data is sparse. Thanks to the hard work of Rutger and the Institut National de la Statistique de Madagascar I can share with you a brands ranking for the capital city Antananarivo over the first 3 Quarters of 2012, when roughly 2,000 new vehicles were sold. And big surprise atop the ranking: JAC, which had stayed under the radar for the last couple of years, is up to a fantastic 2nd place with 8.4% share!

Madagascar street scene. Picture by Angelo M, all rights reserved.Madagascar Street scene. Picture by Angelo M, all rights reserved.

To keep thinks in perspective, this equals to around 60 units sold over a period of 3 months. But still, an impressive performance. Apart from this intrusion, the top of the ranking is relatively stable, with Nissan king of the roads here at 13.7% of the market in Q2 and the only brand above 10% in Q3 at 11.7%, adding up to roughly 200 sales so far in 2012 for a 10% market share. Toyota comes 2nd so far in 2012 at 189 units and 9.4%, followed by Hyundai at 179 and 8.9% and Renault at 167 and 8.4%.

Interestingly, the used car market is dominated by Mercedes at 24.2% of the market in Q2 and 22.1% in Q3, ahead of Renault at 15.7% and 13.9% and Peugeot at 9.9% and 10.4%, with the latter having almost completely disappeared of the new cars ranking…

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Full Q3 2012 Top 10 brands Ranking Table below.

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