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Latvia Full Year 2012: VW Golf and Skoda Yeti in the lead

Skoda Yeti

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* Many thanks to Viktors, Armands, Janis, Martins and Zane from LPAA for sharing the data! *

Because of a painful end of year (-21% in November and -25% in December), the Latvian new car market ends up 2012 only 1% above 2011 at 12,901 registrations. Note Latvian data now include Light Commercial Vehicles which will explain the inconsistencies with previous year-to-date rankings. PC are down 3% to 10,665 units while LCV are up 27% at 2,236 sales in 2012. In spite of sales split in half at 437 units and 4.1% share, the VW Golf remains the most popular vehicle in the country, followed by the Skoda Yeti up an outstanding 107% and 15 spots to 421 sales and 3.9%. The Nissan Juke brilliantly rounds up the podium at 377 units and 3.5%, up 51% and 7 ranks year-on-year.

Nissan Juke. Picture by eneade, all rights reserved.

The Peugeot 5008 delivers its best performance in the world in Latvia this year, up 5 spots and 34% to #4 with 338 sales and 3.2%, as does the Peugeot 3008 up 9 ranks and 44% to #5 at 308 units and 2.9%. Within the Top 10, notice also the Toyota Avensis up 17% to #7, the Renault Master up 119% to #8 and the Skoda Octavia up 29% to #9. Further down, the VW Jetta is up 63% and divides its ranking by 2 at #15, the Dacia Duster is up 51% to #17, Citroen Berlingo up 96% to #20, Hyundai ix35 up 78% to #22, Ford Fiesta up 141% to #26 and the Isuzu D-Max is up 236% to #29.

Bentley Continental GT

Latvian consumers have a thing for luxury cars: the Lexus RX is #43 with 93 sales, Range Rover Evoque #53 at 73 units, BMW X6 #56 with 69 sales, Porsche Cayenne #61 at 62 units and the Bentley Continental GT/GTC ranks #129 with 18 sales, double its 2011 tally!

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Full Year 2012 Top 130 models and Top 20 brands Ranking Tables below.

Latvia Full Year 2012 – brands:


Latvia Full Year 2012 – models:

1VW Golf4374.1%-49%8517.8%1
2Skoda Yeti4213.9%106%2041.9%17
3Nissan Juke3773.5%51%2502.3%10
4Peugeot 50083383.2%34%2532.3%9
5Peugeot 30083082.9%44%2141.9%14
6VW Passat3002.8%-22%3873.5%5
7Toyota Avensis2872.7%17%2452.2%12
8Renault Master2852.7%119%1301.2%28
9Skoda Octavia2822.6%29%2192.0%13
10Toyota Hilux2712.5%8%2502.3%11
11Ford Focus2672.5%-32%3913.6%4
12Opel Astra2522.4%23%2051.9%16
13VW Tiguan2262.1%-55%5044.6%2
14VW Caddy2132.0%-25%2842.6%7
15VW Jetta2092.0%63%1281.2%30
16Nissan Qashqai2082.0%-18%2542.3%8
17Dacia Duster2041.9%51%1351.2%23
18Toyota Land Cruiser Prado1931.8%1%1911.7%18
19Toyota RAV41921.8%-10%2131.9%15
20Citroen Berlingo1921.8%96%980.9%37
21Suzuki SX41831.7%43%1281.2%29
22Hyundai ix351661.6%78%930.8%39
23Skoda Fabia1541.4%51%1020.9%35
24Renault Trafic1421.3%-7%1521.4%21
25Toyota Auris1341.3%-1%1351.2%24
26Ford Fiesta1301.2%141%540.5%64
27Hyundai i301241.2%-24%1641.5%19
28Kia Sportage1241.2%36%910.8%40
29Isuzu D-Max1211.1%236%360.3%82
30Toyota Corolla1141.1%-14%1321.2%26
31Mitsubishi Outlander1131.1%-22%1451.3%22
32Fiat 5001121.1%13%990.9%36
33Peugeot Partner1111.0%-6%1181.1%31
34Renault Kangoo1101.0%29%850.8%43
35Toyota Verso1081.0%44%750.7%45
36VW Crafter1061.0%266%290.3%90
37Subaru Outback1041.0%-4%1081.0%34
38VW Polo1031.0%-22%1321.2%27
39Peugeot 5081031.0%-6%1101.0%32
40Kia Cee’d1021.0%70%600.5%56
41Hyundai i401000.9%233%300.3%89
42Mercedes Sprinter950.9%34%710.6%48
43Lexus RX930.9%-3%960.9%38
44Hyundai i20900.8%23%730.7%46
45Renault Laguna900.8%1400%60.1%n/a
46Toyota Yaris890.8%53%580.5%58
47Honda CR-V800.8%-4%830.8%44
48Volvo XC60790.7%39%570.5%59
49Audi A6790.7%98%400.4%74
50Nissan Note760.7%145%310.3%88
51Opel Combo750.7%29%580.5%57
52Ford S-Max750.7%436%140.1%n/a
53Range Rover Evoque730.7%630%100.1%n/a
54Citroen C4710.7%-17%860.8%41
55Opel Insignia710.7%-3%730.7%47
56BMW X6690.6%6%650.6%53
57BMW X3680.6%6%640.6%54
58Honda Civic680.6%70%400.4%76
59Peugeot Bipper680.6%162%260.2%98
60VW Caravelle/Multivan620.6%-59%1531.4%20
61Porsche Cayenne620.6%-9%680.6%52
62Renault Scenic600.6%-55%1341.2%25
63VW Amarok600.6%190.2%116
64Mitsubishi L200590.6%-84%3623.3%6
65Audi Q5570.5%30%440.4%70
66Ford Mondeo560.5%0%560.5%60
67Mitsubishi ASX550.5%-49%1081.0%33
68VW Sharan550.5%0%550.5%62
69Audi A4550.5%49%370.3%81
70Mercedes ML Class550.5%206%180.2%120
71VW Transporter520.5%-27%710.6%49
72Renault Megane510.5%-87%3983.6%3
73Volvo V70/XC70510.5%-27%700.6%50
74Peugeot Boxer490.5%-42%850.8%42
75BMW 5 Series490.5%7%460.4%68
76Subaru Forester480.5%-13%550.5%61
77BMW 3 Series480.5%71%280.3%92
78Mercedes E Class470.4%31%360.3%83
79Dacia Sandero470.4%81%260.2%95
80Skoda Roomster460.4%39%330.3%87
81VW CC450.4%55%290.3%91
82Opel Corsa440.4%7%410.4%73
83Subaru XV400.4%new00.0% –
84Hyundai Santa Fe390.4%-5%410.4%72
85VW Touareg390.4%0%390.4%79
86Toyota Land Cruiser V8390.4%56%250.2%101
87Audi Q3390.4%457%70.1%n/a
88Mitsubishi Pajero380.4%-25%510.5%65
89Ford Transit/Tourneo Connect370.3%-8%400.4%75
90VW Touran360.3%-35%550.5%63
91BMW X5350.3%0%350.3%84
92Ford Transit350.3%40%250.2%100
93Fiat Fiorino330.3%-23%430.4%71
94VW Up!330.3%new00.0% –
95Volvo S60/V60320.3%39%230.2%106
96Citroen DS5320.3%new00.0% –
97Skoda Praktik310.3%107%150.1%n/a
98Peugeot 308300.3%-38%480.4%67
99Fiat Punto300.3%400%60.1%n/a
100Ford Kuga290.3%16%250.2%99
101Opel Vivaro290.3%222%90.1%n/a
102Peugeot 208290.3%new00.0% –
103Dacia Logan280.3%0%280.3%93
104Citroen C3 Picasso270.3%-21%340.3%85
105Chevrolet Captiva270.3%1250%20.0%n/a
106Opel Meriva260.2%-32%380.3%80
107Jeep Grand Cherokee260.2%24%210.2%110
108Skoda Superb250.2%-60%620.6%55
110Chevrolet Cruze250.2%178%90.1%n/a
111Lada Priora250.2%257%70.1%n/a
112Lexus GS250.2%525%40.0%n/a
113Kia Optima250.2%new00.0% –
114Renault Koleos240.2%9%220.2%109
115Nissan Primastar240.2%1100%20.0%n/a
116Honda Jazz230.2%0%230.2%104
117Toyota Verso-S230.2%44%160.1%n/a
118Mercedes CLS220.2%5%210.2%112
119Mercedes GLK Class220.2%29%170.2%123
120Fiat Ducato220.2%175%80.1%n/a
121Mini Countryman210.2%-19%260.2%96
122Ford C-Max210.2%-5%220.2%108
123Lexus CT200.2%-50%400.4%77
124Honda Accord190.2%-62%500.5%66
125Renault Clio190.2%-21%240.2%102
126Fiat Doblo190.2%12%170.2%122
127Volvo XC90180.2%-22%230.2%107
128Mercedes Viano180.2%38%130.1%n/a
129Bentley Continental GT/GTC180.2%100%90.1%n/a
130VW Beetle180.2%500%30.0%n/a

Source: LPAA. Many thanks to the LPAA team for sharing the data!

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