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Saudi Arabia September 2012: Toyota rocks the house, again…

Toyota Camry. Picture courtesy of Motoring Middle-East

* See the Top 150 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Ldman *

A bit of delay as usual for the Middle-Eastern sales figures with September now available. After losing ground for the first time this year in August, the Saudi new car market is back on track in September: up a massive 43% year-on-year to 64,070 registrations which brings the year-to-date total to 520,190 units, up 17% on 2011. Toyota is traditionally very strong in Saudi Arabia but this month the Japanese manufacturer ups the ante: it monopolises the Top 4 spots with all models delivering market shares frankly higher than their 2012 year-to-date levels: the Toyota Hilux leads the way with 7,397 sales and 11.5%, up 77% year-on-year and to be compared to 9.6% YTD.

Toyota Sequoia

The Toyota Corolla is up 70% on September 2011 at 5,509 units and 8.6% share vs. 7.2% YTD, the Toyota Camry is up 60% to 5,091 sales and 7.9% vs. 5.4% YTD and the Toyota Yaris is up 42% to 2,705 units and 4.2% vs. 3% YTD. As a result the usual successful Hyundai are stepping back a little: both the Accent and Elantra are down to 3% share vs. 5.2% and 4.6% YTD respectively. Within the Top 10, notice also the Kia Cerato up one spot to #8 and the Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-up up 5 to #9.

Hyundai Santa Fe. Picture courtesy of Motoring Middle-East

Below, there are more hyped up Toyotas: the Sequoia is up 10 ranks to #15 and the Innova up 4 to #17. Boosted by the new generation, the Hyundai Santa Fe is up 41 spots to #22, the Ford Crown Victoria continues on its last legs, up 4 to #25, the Kia Frontier is up 54 to #27, the Chevrolet Aveo up 37 to #31 and the GMC Savana up 57 to #36. Finally the Chevrolet Colorado lands at #119 with 36 sales for its first month in the country.

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Full September 2012 Top 150 Ranking Table below.

Saudi Arabia September 2012:

PosModelS Sep 12%AugS 2012%Pos2011
1Toyota Hilux7,39711.5%150,0609.6%11
2Toyota Corolla5,5098.6%236,8037.1%23
3Toyota Camry5,0917.9%327,9445.4%42
4Toyota Yaris2,7054.2%819,7393.8%66
5Hyundai Accent (JAN11)1,9463.0%429,8465.7%34
6Hyundai Elantra (MAR11)1,9383.0%523,2574.5%510
7Ford Expedition1,8242.8%614,8132.8%819
8Kia Cerato1,3892.2%910,4402.0%1315
9Toyota Land Cruiser P/U1,3242.1%149,4631.8%1618
10Isuzu D-Max1,2822.0%1212,8992.5%109
11Hyundai Sonata1,1961.9%716,4713.2%77
12Toyota Land Cruiser1,1831.8%1314,5022.8%911
13Toyota Fortuner1,1231.8%1710,8592.1%1213
14Kia Rio1,1071.7%227,3261.4%1917
15Toyota Sequoia1,0941.7%255,4071.0%2530
16Toyota Prado1,0921.7%117,3781.4%1826
17Toyota Innova1,0611.7%216,5821.3%2225
18Chevrolet Tahoe1,0551.6%1512,5802.4%1112
19Toyota Hiace1,0551.6%197,1391.4%2022
20Honda Accord (incl Coupe)1,0501.6%109,6711.9%1516
21GMC Yukon9931.5%169,9621.9%1414
22Hyundai Santa Fe9481.5%633,5130.7%3246
23Hyundai Tucson8211.3%206,4471.2%2327
24Isuzu NPR8091.3%237,6681.5%1723
25Ford Crown Victoria7851.2%293,2110.6%358
26Toyota Avalon7091.1%185,7001.1%2431
27Kia Frontier6111.0%811,3530.3%5898
28Daihatsu Gran Max5190.8%246,7831.3%2128
29Toyota FJ Cruiser5020.8%343,3510.6%3336
30Chevrolet Malibu4890.8%262,9400.6%3947
31Chevrolet Aveo4890.8%682,0240.4%4840
32GMC Yukon XL4590.7%335,3851.0%2620
33Toyota RAV44380.7%274,2120.8%2833
34Hyundai Azera (MAR11)4180.7%284,4610.9%2739
35Chevrolet Suburban3790.6%483,0900.6%3635
36GMC Savana3660.6%931,1030.2%7479
37Ford Fusion3510.5%392,7060.5%4052
38Ford Edge3490.5%412,4420.5%4364
39Kia Optima3380.5%314,1470.8%2953
40Lexus LX3350.5%602,6500.5%4256
41Chevrolet Silverado3220.5%531,9740.4%5054
42Lexus ES3160.5%352,2300.4%4551
43Ford Explorer3160.5%443,2930.6%3421
44Dodge Durango3070.5%371,6200.3%5291
45Hyundai Atos3070.5%451,2850.2%64176
46Renault Logan3070.5%472,0290.4%4745
47GMC Sierra3060.5%383,5260.7%3137
48Chevrolet Caprice2860.4%431,9910.4%4948
49Kia Sportage2720.4%302,9690.6%3838
50Dodge Charger2640.4%402,1160.4%4668
51Ford Taurus2570.4%362,9790.6%3734
52Ford Focus2090.3%579720.2%7992
53Mitsubishi L2002090.3%642,3220.4%4442
54Toyota Dyna2060.3%751,3470.3%6065
55Ford Flex2050.3%1211,0160.2%7789
56Chevrolet Cruze2010.3%622,6880.5%4141
57Hyundai Veloster2000.3%651,2230.2%68146
58Toyota Coaster1900.3%521,2350.2%6570
59Isuzu NMR1860.3%951,1530.2%7184
60Chrysler 300C1840.3%491,4570.3%55124
61Renault Fluence1820.3%761,3100.3%6263
62Jeep Grand Cherokee1750.3%501,0150.2%7878
63Toyota Aurion1610.3%469110.2%8029
64Chevrolet Traverse1590.2%581,5010.3%5458
65Ford F-Series1530.2%798120.2%8377
66Daihatsu Terios1450.2%591,6700.3%5149
67Jeep Cherokee1340.2%616710.1%88103
68Kia Cadenza1310.2%561,3510.3%5982
69Hyundai i201280.2%1142430.0%132 –
70GMC Acadia1250.2%721,2260.2%6757
71Renault Safrane1240.2%1027920.2%8487
72Fuso Canter1230.2%841,4510.3%5660
73Isuzu F-Series1210.2%771,1130.2%7381
74Kia Sorento1120.2%551,3090.3%6383
75Mazda CX-91020.2%741,1400.2%7259
76Kia Carnival1000.2%541,3370.3%6162
77Lexus GS990.2%806580.1%90194
78Nissan Sunny970.2%886210.1%91 –
79Kia Picanto960.1%661,0490.2%7675
80Mercedes S-Class960.1%709070.2%8173
81Suzuki APV Truck950.1%918420.2%8285
82Kia Mohave940.1%855650.1%97117
83Lexus RX930.1%784860.1%101109
84Dodge Challenger920.1%734380.1%106153
85BMW 7 Series890.1%421,1980.2%6967
87Hyundai Genesis810.1%511,3650.3%57104
88Honda Odyssey790.1%676950.1%8794
89BMW 5 Series790.1%907030.1%86100
90Porsche Cayenne780.1%1035850.1%94121
91Kia Carens770.1%711,0520.2%7571
92Fuso Fuso770.1%1316090.1%9380
93Ford Figo730.1%866100.1%92200
94Hyundai i30630.1%167860.0%185 –
95Audi A8620.1%895390.1%99102
96Nissan Altima600.1%821,2260.2%6650
97Hyundai H1 100 Bus590.1%323,9640.8%3032
98Range Rover Sport590.1%924540.1%105112
99Fuso Rosa590.1%1192440.0%131141
100Honda Pilot560.1%1004100.1%108110
101VW Passat540.1%1041000.0%179
102GMC Terrain510.1%1055800.1%95
103Mercedes E-Class500.1%965040.1%10095
104Cadillac Escalade500.1%1174180.1%107129
106Audi A6490.1%1302760.1%124159
107Suzuki Swift Dzire490.1%132740.0%192
108Jeep Wrangler470.1%1013310.1%114106
109Isuzu NQR460.1%977920.2%8590
110Mitsubishi Lancer450.1%1132910.1%11866
111Suzuki Jimny450.1%1612110.0%139170
112Chevrolet Sonic420.1%831,5380.3%5396
113Mitsubishi Outlander420.1%1721610.0%158142
114Audi Q7410.1%1092440.0%130123
115Chevrolet Camaro380.1%1463980.1%109115
116Mazda BT-50370.1%1342890.1%11986
117VW Jetta (MAY 11)360.1%1104820.1%102131
118Mercedes C-Class360.1%1262320.0%134138
119Chevrolet Colorado360.1% –360.0%n/a –
120Cadillac CTS350.1%994640.1%104108
121BMW X6350.1%1272080.0%142140
122Honda CR-V330.1%1352800.1%121169
123Peugeot 508330.1%1421630.0%157
124Nissan Diesel L-Trucks330.1%1561900.0%147127
125Hino WU300.0%1182970.1%117137
126Cadillac SRX300.0%1232760.1%123136
127Audi Q5300.0%1431420.0%162158
128BMW 3 Series300.0%1451580.0%160157
129BMW 6 Series290.0%1201280.0%166
130Range Rover Evoque280.0%1241850.0%150197
131VW CC280.0%1571650.0%156145
132Ford Mustang270.0%1061080.0%173166
133Suzuki Celerio260.0%1941230.0%167
134Mitsubishi Pajero250.0%1393420.1%11399
135Peugeot Partner250.0%1412870.1%120168
136Renault Logan Pick-up250.0%164370.0%n/a –
137Mitsubishi L300240.0%984780.1%103119
138Honda City240.0%112990.0%180177
139Kia Soul240.0%1383580.1%112135
140Isuzu C-Series240.0%n/a360.0%n/a –
141Porsche Panamera230.0%1442490.0%129128
142Lexus LS220.0%1163040.1%116120
143VW Touareg220.0%1281850.0%149132
144Dodge RAM220.0%1401930.0%145n/a
145Mitsubishi Galant210.0%1332280.0%135139
146Chevrolet Captiva210.0%1511920.0%146n/a
147Chevrolet Spark200.0%1525730.1%96n/a
148Ford Econoline200.0%n/a2410.0%133175
149Jaguar XJ190.0%1472210.0%136n/a
150Audi A7190.0%1621010.0%178n/a
151Nissan Tiida190.0%1713170.1%115116

Source: Manufacturers, many thanks to Ldman for sharing the data!

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