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Malaysia May 2012: Proton Prevé up to #7

Proton Prevé

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At 56,606 registrations in May, the Malaysian new car market is up a massive 28% year-on-year, bringing the year-to-date total to 235,867 units, down 4% on 2011. Something awkward is happening though: Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Mini and Audi have not communicated their models sales this month so what I have done is estimate all Toyota models sales for the month of May.

The Top 4 models are unchanged vs. April with the Perodua MyVi leading the way once again both in May with 8,088 sales and 14.3% and year-to-date at 36,920 units and 15.7%. The Proton Saga follows with 5,752 units and 10.1% this month, ahead of the Perodua Viva at 5,669 sales and 10% and the Perodua Alza with 3,756 units and 6.6%. I have estimated the Toyota Vios at #5 and the Hilux at #6.

The event of the month is without contest the arrival of the Proton Prevé in the Malaysian Top 10 for its first full month of sales in the country: it is up 9 spots on April to land in 7th position with and excellent 2,771 sales and 4.9% share. A Top 5 ranking could follow very quickly. As a result the Proton Persona is down to #8 and 4.7% while the Proton Exora stays solid at #9 and 4.8%. I estimate the Toyota Avanza to round up the Top 10.

Excellent month for the Honda City up 7 ranks on April to #11, for the Hyundai Elantra up 10 to #16, the Honda Jazz up 8 to #19, the Honda CR-V at #23, the Honda Civic up 29 to #25 and the Mazda CX-5 now very close to the Malaysian Top 50 at #51 with 111 sales and 0.2%.

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Full May 2012 Top 60 Ranking Table below.

Malaysia May 2012:

1Perodua Myvi8,08814.3%16,61914.5%36,92015.7%11
2Proton Saga5,74210.1%25,12911.2%28,08911.9%22
3Perodua Viva5,66910.0%34,62510.1%23,1069.8%33
4Perodua Alza3,7566.6%42,9856.5%16,3977.0%45
5Toyota Vios (e)3,2835.8%62,6655.8%13,8495.9%66
6Toyota Hilux (e)2,8305.0%52,6835.9%11,7645.0%77
7Proton Prevé2,7714.9%164941.1%3,2651.4%10 –
8Proton Persona2,7244.8%72,5405.5%14,8236.3%54
9Proton Exora2,6564.7%81,5633.4%10,7214.5%88
10Toyota Avanza (e)1,2452.2%91,1612.5%3,1221.3%1114
11Honda City1,1722.1%184571.0%1,9670.8%1810
12Nissan Grand Livina9181.6%106381.4%4,5181.9%99
13Mitsubishi Triton8461.5%125791.3%3,0751.3%1212
14Naza Forte7201.3%115821.3%2,8881.2%1417
15Toyota Innova (e)6231.1%135401.2%2,5501.1%1520
16Hyundai Elantra6191.1%262940.6%9140.4%34n/a
17Suzuki Swift6051.1%145391.2%2,9011.2%1319
18Toyota Corolla Altis (e)5661.0%155351.2%2,1480.9%1618
19Honda Jazz4690.8%272680.6%8940.4%35n/a
20Isuzu D-Max4580.8%194441.0%1,8950.8%1916
21Nissan Navara4350.8%243590.8%1,7290.7%2126
22Toyota Camry (e)3960.7%322030.4%2,0800.9%1713
23Honda CR-V3950.7%214130.9%8100.3%4025
24Toyota Prius c (e)3900.7%224040.9%9820.4%31 –
25Honda Civic3830.7%54910.2%4920.2%5215
26VW Polo3750.7%252960.6%9680.4%3248
27Honda Accord3740.7%174871.1%1,0300.4%2822
28Nissan Teana3360.6%302450.5%1,6610.7%2223
29Nissan Livina X-Gear3260.6%204371.0%1,2750.5%25n/a
30Toyota Fortuner (e)3000.5%2620.6%1,1550.5%2649
31Ford Fiesta2870.5%233720.8%1,6330.7%2324
32Honda Insight2630.5%312270.5%1,2870.5%2421
33Proton Inspira2510.4%361790.4%1,8780.8%2011
35VW Golf2310.4%292470.5%8650.4%3732
36Toyota Hiace (e)2260.4%351850.4%8870.4%3641
37VW Passat2160.4%391670.4%9900.4%30n/a
38Nissan Sylphy2140.4%331920.4%1,1170.5%2730
39Toyota Prius (e)1700.3%371760.4%6930.3%4534
40Nissan Urvan1670.3%451490.3%7090.3%4447
41Hyundai i101610.3%521000.2%9960.4%2929
42Toyota Rush (e)1600.3%421560.3%7610.3%4333
43Hyundai Tucson1590.3%381700.4%7930.3%4142
45Peugeot 2071430.3%501240.3%8240.3%3850
46Hyundai Sonata1330.2%411580.3%8150.3%3928
47Hyundai Santa Fe1320.2%431560.3%7750.3%42n/a
48Suzuki Alto1260.2%56850.2%5490.2%51n/a
49Kia Optima1220.2%401660.4%6550.3%48n/a
50Mitsubishi Pajero Sport1200.2%481350.3%5790.2%50n/a
51Mazda CX-51110.2%n/a120.0%1230.1%n/a –
52Mitsubishi ASX960.2%55880.2%4530.2%53n/a
53VW Jetta890.2%53960.2%3820.2%55n/a
54Kia Sportage880.2%441520.3%6590.3%47n/a
55Peugeot 508850.2%57810.2%3500.1%56n/a
56Kia Sorento750.1%n/a450.1%3480.1%57n/a
57Honda CR-Z740.1%461390.3%5820.2%49n/a
58Proton Waja740.1%60710.2%3000.1%6035
59Mitsubishi Lancer730.1%n/a540.1%3250.1%59n/a
60Nissan Sentra710.1%59730.2%2760.1%61n/a


(e): Best Selling Cars Blog’s estimate based on the year-to-date market share.

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  1. @Paul We M’sian never heard much of China Brand until now.. not bcoz of inactive china company, but mayb bcoz of no company from China is having their own car business here…

  2. hi Matt,
    Thanks for the reply! I have actually viewed the sales chart in Motortrader’s website and was disappointed that Toyota refused to provide their numbers in May to MAA (Malaysian Auto Assc.)

    Your almost precise estimation did provide some relief 🙂
    Thank you again.

  3. hi,
    first of all, thanks for writing and maintaining such a comprehensive auto sales blog and i can say that the information in your blogs are useful indeed!

    i was wondering what method you use to estimate the sales of each Toyota model in May 2012? To be frank, without the Toyota figures in the May sales chart, the chart feels incomplete, since Toyota sales considerably in the big 3 of this market each month.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Eddy,
      Thanks for your praise, I really appreciate it!
      I have simply applied the year-to-date market share of each model to May which I feel is the most ‘reasonable’ if still incorrect way of estimating Toyota models’ sales in May.
      Hope this helps

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