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Monaco 2011: Now with Top 228 All-models ranking!

Bentley Mulsanne. Picture by Vincent De Vries, all rights reserved.

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After an initial introduction to the Monegasque car market 10 days ago and a Top 50 brands ranking last week, thanks to a secret admirer of Best Selling Cars Blog I am now able to share with you for the very first time on the web the list of the Top 228 best-selling models in Monaco!

Mini and Ferrari California. Picture by Petar Gachevski, all rights reserved.

The Monegasque models ranking is unique in the world: it is a mix of posh minis, small enough to be parked anywhere in the city-country, extravagant SUVs and classy sedans with (nearly) no Frenchies in sight – a paradox as Monaco is nested within France…

Ferrari 458 Italia. Picture by Reivax, all rights reserved. 

The top of the ranking is biased by the one-off registration of 200 BMW 7 Series for the Royal Wedding in order to display Monaco license plates for the occasion, with all models returned to BMW after the festivities. This means the BMW 7 Series is #1 in Monaco in 2011 with 212 sales and 8.4% share. But the ‘real’ best-sellers are below and the race was extremely close: the Audi A3 is #2 overall with 98 units and 3.8%, followed by the Mini at 97 and the Audi A4 at 96!

Porsche Cayenne. Picture by Vikars, all rights reserved.

The Smart Fortwo is not far behind at #5 with 93 sales, ahead of 3 other posh small cars: the Fiat 500 at 63 units, the Mini Countryman at 57 and the Mercedes A-Class at 54. With an estimated  2,000 millionaires and 50 billionaires residing in the country, it is no surprise to find two Porsches in the Top 10: the Cayenne ranks 9th with 51 sales and 2% share and the Porsche 911 is #10 at 42 units and 1.7%, without a doubt the 2 models’ highest rankings worldwide.

Ferrari 612 Scaglietta & Fiat 500. Picture by Julien Rubicondo, all rights reserved.

There are a few other prestigious cars in the 2011 Monegasque Top 30, but the most impressive is clearly the Bentley Continental at an amazing 20th place thanks to 28 sales for a 1.1% market share… Notice also the Range Rover at #16, the Mercedes S-Class at #22, the Range Rover Sport at #25 and the Mercedes SLK at #30. Only one French model manages to claw its way into the Top 30: the Renault Clio at #29. Only the Peugeot 207 (#35) and Renault Twingo (#40) manage to break into the Top 40.

Aston Martin Cygnet. Picture by Piolew, all rights reserved.

Further down, the Mercedes CLS is #36, the Porsche Panamera #39, Aston Martin Vantage #42, Ferrari 458 Italia #43, BMW X6 #46, Ferrari California #47, Ferrari FF #58, Mercedes SLS #76, Ferrari 599 GTO #80, Rolls-Royce Ghost #92, Aston Martin Cygnet #121, Bentley Mulsanne #125, McLaren MP4 12C #135 and the Bugatti Veyron is #147.

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Full Year 2011 Top 228 Ranking Table below.

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